Commercial Security Solutions for Large Properties


Every business might start out small, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need our very best commercial security protection. We appreciate the work it takes to manage the small coffee shop to the large industrial warehouse. Our team assists you in finding the perfect fit for your business or industry. At the same time, we take your budget and operations into consideration.

Let us grow with you and expand when needed, even into multiple locations. No matter what size of business, you receive our high-tech equipment and specialized services. We understand the complex solutions needed for larger commercial businesses.

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Business Security Systems
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Solutions for Your Commercial Security Needs

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

  • Remotely access multiple locations
  • Automated user entry notifications

  • Live video monitoring access from anywhere

  • Critical condition monitoring for potential damage

  • Real-time HVAC system monitoring & control

  • 24/7 recording on-site and cloud storage

  • Automated and controlled lighting solutions

Customizable Compliant Commercial Systems


Whether is it small retail or large commercial, your business deserves the best security. At Fort Knox Security, we make sure to understand the needs unique to your business. Then, your security system is built around this. We provide design, installation, monitoring, and management of your security system.

Fort Knox provides customized solutions for your large commercial business. It is important to cover not just your immediate needs, but to make them adaptable for the future. As your business grows, you encounter new liabilities and new circumstances. We make sure your commercial security system’s coverage grows with you.

Solutions for Your Commercial Security Needs


Despite the business size or needs, Fort Knox has your solutions for every aspect of security. Using our app, you have the control to manage your commercial building from anywhere. Not only your cameras and locks but also your energy usage. Have the ability to check on multiple locations on one easy-to-view page. The app allows you to verify things get closed up at the end of the day with all locks in place and the HVAC in the proper settings. Become energy efficient with remote temperature controls.

Our security team works with you every step of the way. From the first consultation to the final walkthrough, we keep you informed. We are always prepared and available to step in when it is time to upgrade or adjust in any way.

Our Business is Protecting Yours

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