The future is here, and it’s coming to the security systems of homeowners everywhere with the 2GIG EDGE Panel! The usage of biometrics was once only associated with spy movies or top-secret governmental access. Now, our home security systems have it integrated into their systems to our advantage. This newest addition to home security takes your family’s protection to a whole new level. This article explores the meaning of biometrics, how we use it today in our home security, and how it benefits you and your home. 

What Are Biometrics?

To begin with, the definition of biometrics is identifying and authenticating a person through physical characteristics or behavioral patterns of the individual. Our faces are as unique as our fingerprints. Technology in security makes biometrics now available on our personal level and not just an exclusive item for large corporations.

In the scientific community, measured physical characteristics often include one or more of the following:

  • Facial recognition using a camera
  • Fingerprint matching
  • Voice recognition
  • Digital signature
  • DNA scan

Although regarded as very reliable by companies that use biometrics, there are a few areas that cause concern. There is a need to draw a careful line to protect the privacy of their employees and clients. Continued advancement in technology further secures the privacy of our data through strict encryption.

Edge Smart security and automation panel

What Does the 2GIG EDGE Panel Offer?

As the first of its kind in the home security industry, it opens the doors for future technology. The 2GIG EDGE Panel uses the physiological identifying technology of Facial Recognition. The panel identifies the user’s face and automatically arms or disarms the home’s security system. In addition, with this type of analytics built into the control panel, touchless management keeps your personal data safe. For example, it offers the convenience of disarming your system as you walk in the door with your arms full. Your unique facial features are your passcode to turn off your home security. 

This latest 2GIG EDGE panel comes with a larger screen for better viewing. This screen has a sharp resolution for clear and accurate video and images. For monitoring purposes, it is also equipped with dual microphones and two speakers to allow two-way voice capability. This speaking capability lets your monitoring company speak with you if an alarm is triggered. That way emergencies are quickly verified and a fast response is sent to the home. It also allows easy management of your smart home devices on its screen. Most importantly, your personal data stays safe within the panel only. There is no need for it to get uploaded anywhere else. As cloud services become more vulnerable due to the skill of hackers, this option has become more appealing.

2GIG EDGE Panel Features

This new innovative panel is one of the fastest security panels you will find. Its processor runs at 1.6 GHz, which is 4x faster than the previous 2GIG control panels. Tie in all of your home security devices into this panel, along with your smart home devices. Manage up to eight different cameras at once, viewing real-time streaming. Endless options make this the top-of-the-line control hub the one to have. 

Panel Features:

  • Ground-breaking facial recognition to arm/disarm
  • Bluetooth enabled for device communication
  • Built-in glass break detection 
  • Tamper-resistant alerts monitoring company
  • View live video on the panel
  • Video doorbell viewed on the, along panel with 2-way audio
  • Capture a photo while viewing on the 7″ LCD screen
  • Data privacy technology with encryption
  • Secure 6-digit personal user codes

Where Can You Find the 2GIG EDGE Panel?

Due to the secure encryption technology and advanced analytics, the home security industry is excited about getting this new 2GIG EDGE panel into their inventory. They know the benefits of having such a high-tech control panel providing a seamless hub for the home’s security devices. Dealers and security companies, such as Fort Knox Home Security know that customers want the safest technology possible. When you can offer to help reduce the possibility of hacking into their system, they want it as part of their home. It is especially appealing to the homeowner to know that their personal data is not floating around in cyberspace. 

This professionally installed control panel is a solid solution for data security and home protection. The EDGE leads the way when it comes to home security evolving into the future. Futuristic design has slimmed down the panel, while at the same time doubled the viewing screen. The one-touch button access brings the convenience everyone wants, along with the security encryption we need. Only the user’s live face controls the system, there is no fooling it.

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