Is installing a home security system worth the investment? It is an individual decision that depends on your circumstances. Regardless if you live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, having an alarm system is necessary. Here are a few reasons why you may find them worth the investment: 

1. Peace of Mind with Home Security Home Security Cameras Fort Knox

The first and foremost reason people shop for home security systems is for the personal protection of their family. When you know that cameras are monitoring any activity outside your home, you feel safe. When potential intruders see security cameras, 60% go somewhere else. You cannot put a price on peace-of-mind. With the installation of indoor cameras, you can relax knowing that you can check on the family or pets if you need to step out for any reason. For older ones, there are push-button devices they can keep on their person. In the case of an emergency, they can push the button for immediate assistance. 

2. Effectiveness of Home Security Systems

No security systems give 100% effectiveness. But the statistics show that burglaries occur every 13 seconds. With cameras acting as a deterrent outside of your home, you can make those odds a lot better. In the last couple of years, the FBI has reported a slight decrease in burglaries. This decrease could quite possibly be due to the increase in homes with security systems. However, the threat is still there, and other than a barking dog inside the house, a security camera is the next best thing to discourage a break-in. 

3. Convenience 

Our modern home security systems are more than just an alarm to scare away intruders. A smart home can bring you a life built with convenience and less worry. With an app on your smartphone, you stay in touch with your house and its status. You get notified when there is motion detected in the area of your property. You get alerted that you left the garage door open or the lights on. Additionally, you can prepare for your arrival home by using your app to adjust the thermostat, turn on lights, and unarm your security system before you even walk in the door. 

4. Investing in the Future

Consider that your home is one of the biggest investments you will make. Protecting that major investment is always worth it in the end. You will be protecting it from fire, intruders, and saving energy. However, the biggest benefit is keeping your family safe, along with your valuables. 

5. Is it Worth the Investment?

Should you invest in a home security system? Knowing your home is a safe place makes it worthwhile. When you add in all the extra benefits, it is a bonus. At Fort Knox Home Security, we can assist you in setting up the perfect security system just for you.