Burglar invasionSome write off the idea of having security cameras in the home as just paranoia or even overreacting. However, due to the World Wide Web, the footage that these cameras record is a whole industry in itself. Granted, most of these security cameras serve their purpose.  You see the crimes prevented or the house fire that gets extinguished in time. Due to this fact, that these videos are made public, it reminds us that there are a lot of unsettling events happening around us. In fact, these reminders push many of us to invest in a few cameras around the house. Just because you don’t hear things, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Take a look at a couple of instances that put fear into the average homeowner.

#1 – Armed Men Hold Family at Gunpoint

#2 – Nanny Cam Records Thieves Holding Young Mom Hostage

#3 – Security Cameras Show Armed Burglars Walk Among Sleeping Children

#4 – Police Set Up Security Cameras After Repeated Burglaries

#5 – Woman Shoots at Intruders in the Home

In conclusion, these videos are just a small sample of the many home invasions that security cameras have captured. It brings to light the true threat that faces all families. You build your home to be a place of safety. Even though some already have cameras with their home security systems, they become victims still. But, at least you have lowered the odds. You are definitely safer with cameras installed. Many times, thieves target the homes for a reason, security cameras, or not. Don’t take chances on becoming one of these statistics. Secure your home to the best of your ability. Call us at Fort Knox Home Security. We work with you to access your home and make recommendations for your safety. Your family and property are our priority.