This past year has taught us that just about anything can be ordered through the internet. Due to this increased shopping spree, there has also been an increase in porch pirates cruising the streets looking for your packages on your doorstep. Our home security system has assisted us with this dilemma to an extent. Having a video doorbell lets us know when the package gets delivered. However, sometimes it also shows us someone walking away with our package. Knowing this, Amazon delivery service created a way to deliver your package inside your front door, inside the garage, inside your gate, and even in the trunk of your car. It doesn’t get any more convenient, but is it safe?

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How Does It Work?

To take advantage of this service, you need a smart lock and an indoor camera, along with an app. After you set it up, when you place an order, you choose In-Home Delivery. Here are the steps for delivery as stated by the company’s website:

  • On delivery day, you receive an alert with a 4-hour delivery window.
  • The driver sends an Arriving Now notification upon arrival, along with an option to watch the delivery live.
  • The driver knocks on the door and then requests to unlock the door via their handheld scanner.
  • The company verifies that the driver is near your door and that the package belongs to your address.
  • Once confirmed, the security camera is turned on, and then the door is unlocked.
  • The driver places the package just inside your door and requests to lock the door.
  • Once the delivery is complete and your door locked, the driver sends a final notification.

The above scenario is for in-home delivery. If you choose a garage delivery, then it requires a compatible garage door. In-gate delivery needs a compatible video doorbell or security camera. For in-car delivery, you need a connected car service such as OnStar, and you park within a two-block radius of the delivery address.

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Is it Safe?

First of all, remember that the company controls everything. When it is delivery time, you receive an alert and can watch it live if you choose. In addition, the security camera records the delivery too. After the delivery, you have the option to review the recorded video clip. They give you the delivery driver’s name and all the details that transpired during the drop-off. If you need to cancel the in-home delivery for any reason, you can block the access temporarily. Standard delivery is still always an option you can choose.

The company states that the drivers follow a strict procedure, as outlined at the beginning of this article. They do not have any special codes or keys. Once they complete your delivery, the door is locked, they send you a final notification along with a video clip of the delivery.


As with life in general, nothing is ever 100%. Mistakes happen, whether a miscommunication or an error in the address. However, overall if your neighborhood is prone to porch pirates or you tend to do a lot of online shopping, in-home delivery may be something to consider. Whatever you decide, Fort Knox Home Security is here to give you tips on securing your family at all times. We show you how to get complete protection layered onto your home no matter who comes onto the property. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

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