While the summer this year is feeling a little better than the last one, it is still one of caution. Many are getting in last-minute vacations before school begins next month. Others are settling back in to work at the office after a long year at home. However, there is a known fact that occurs each summer, and that is an increase in crime statistics, especially property crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows an 11% higher rate of property crime in the summer months. Is there something specific that contributes to this number? Can home security systems assist in lower your odds? Let’s look at where this idea seems to have started and if there are any facts to prove it.

home security during summer

What Contributes to the Increase?

Some of the factors may seem more obvious, such as the increase of vacant homes while the residents are on vacation. This point is important to keep in mind while you are planning that trip. Make sure to include your home security in the to-do list before you go. Another thing that may cause a summer crime increase is that younger people are home with extra time on their hands. No school schedule and not a lot of supervision lead to boredom, and at times, trouble. Summer also brings longer days to be out and about. Even the weather can contribute to it when people leave windows open due to the temperature. 

Typically, this increase runs from about June to September. Since it has become a pattern, many law enforcement agencies have come up with plans to increase patrols and have even started programs that focus on decreasing crime. By having an increased presence or keeping the young people busy in the community, they hope to lessen this rise in property crimes. Property crime includes burglaries, theft on the property, or motor vehicle theft, to name a few. This is why it is important to have some type of home security present. 

why crime increases during summer months

How to Curb the Summer Crime 

One thing to keep in mind during our summer break is to never completely let down your guard. Some live in very welcoming neighborhoods where families visit out in the yards and the kids ride their bikes together. But, when you relax too much, things tend to get left outside. The bikes stay in the yard, the lawnmower is still parked by the garage, along with other expensive household items. Garage doors are left open, or even our house windows are open to let in that fresh air in the evening. Make it a routine for you and the rest of the family to pick things up when they finish with them.

Even better, let’s apply the benefits of having a home security system in your home. We can start with a basic item, such as a video doorbell to watch over your front yard area. This wide-angle video camera alerts you to motion detected day or night. Remotely check-in at any time with a live stream if you want. Door and window contacts are useful in this instance also. If it’s not too warm out and you do want your window open slightly, use a window contact. Place it so that the window opens to a certain level, but when it exceeds that opening, the contacts trigger the alarm. Of course, cameras inside and out also sound the alert when an armed system detects motion. 

how to prevent crime during summer months

24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring

The real fact here is that today’s world requires us to be alert to crime at all times, no matter what time of the year it is. The best way to do this is to have a home security system backed up with 24/7 alarm monitoring. Home alarm systems vary from basic to full complete coverage. But, no matter what kind of coverage you choose, having it monitored relieves you of the daily stress of protecting your home and family. Nothing is ever 100%, but the odds of being a burglary victim get drastically reduced when you have cameras, sensors, and a monitoring company on 24/7 alert for any alarms that get triggered. At Fort Knox Home Security, we want you safe all year long. Contact us for security tips and home monitoring suggestions on putting a layer of protection around your home and family. Call today! We’re here to help you stay safe.