Professional Wireless Monitoring

Over 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported in the US each year, what are the odds it will happen to you? Only 17% of American homes are protected by a security system. If you belong to the 83% that does not have a home security system, you’re three times more likely to be broken into. Security systems will not only protect your family, but greatly reduce your chances of a home burglary. So with every home needing a security system, the question is  do you need professional alarm monitoring?

In Texas and the rest of the South, we believe so. With 47% of all US Burglary reports happening in Americas Southern States. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio all rank in the top 10 most burglarized cities in America. Now that we’ve gone over the numbers lets review the pros and cons of professional vs self monitoring.
Professional Home Monitoring
Company-monitored security systems are installed and monitored by security professionals. Although you normally have to be home while its installed, it takes all the responsibility out of your hands. Each system operates a little differently, a company-monitored security system is usually set up to send a signal to the company’s call center when someone enters your home while the system is engaged. Then, you’ll receive a phone call to make sure the alarm wasn’t set off accidentally. If you don’t answer or if you aren’t home when you receive the call, the police will be dispatched.
  • Quickly contact first responders. This is very helpful when you’re away from your phone or not in range.
  • With equipment professionally installed, there should be no blind spots. Providing whole home coverage.
  • Although the majority of burglaries happen in broad daylight, the alarm itself is often enough to deter criminals.
  • Most home insurance companies will give you a discount to offset the cost of alarm monitoring.
  • Free equipment when you sign up with most companies.
  • With new technology you can alarm or deactivate the system from your smart phone.


  • Most security companies require a 3 year contract with monthly fees.
  • Having to turn the alarm on and off throughout the day.
  • Being charged for “False Alarms”
  • No technical support if something goes wrong.
  • Blind spots or cameras not being places in optimal positions.