After a long year of being shut inside, many are looking forward to Spring Break. You might be a student looking to have a pause from your studies or the parents of a student look forward to relief from the daily schedule. Or, you may be one of the residents of a popular Spring Break destination bracing yourself for the influx of visitors and tuning up your home security. Whichever profile fits you, there is always an increased need for caution during this time. The proposed 2020 budget for the safety and sanitation of a Miami Beach Spring Break was 2.7 million dollars. They considered this time to be “a danger to the public, to our officers and employees.” 

So, when you plan on traveling to or live in an area that is a major tourist area, how can you stay safe this Spring Break? 

The College Spring Break

home security during spring break
Even if you are determined to have a safe Spring Break, it doesn’t guarantee those around you have the same resolve. A report out of Texas during Spring Break in 2018 documented 400 drunk driving crashes that involved younger people. It included 11 deaths and about 40 injuries. Last year, even with the pandemic at its peak, spring breakers continued to travel and expose themselves and others to health risks. Here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Take the proper health precautions to stay safe
  • Carry a list of your allergies, medications, and emergency contacts on you, along with your ID
  • Only carry as much cash as you can afford to lose
  • Stay in the group of friends you came with, use the Buddy System
  • Have a designated driver or call for a ride
  • Secure your important documents in the hotel safe
  • Be cautious with what you share about your location on social media to prevent possible stalking
  • Carry a small personal protection tool such as pepper spray or a personal alarm

Family Traveling for Spring Break

spring break home security

family time

Looking forward to getting your kids out of the house finally? You might want to avoid the areas where you know the college spring breakers are heading. Plan well for something that the whole family can enjoy. As you prepare to travel for your destination, be sure to do a well-check on your home security before you go. Have fresh batteries where needed and do a final walkthrough with a checklist. Enlist a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to check on the home while you are gone. This would be a perfect time to use smart home devices to keep your home looking lived-in. Lights, window blinds, a TV running, and more are programmed and scheduled, or managed at will with your smartphone app. Check on your home at any time using your home security cameras. There is definitely less worry when the app alerts you to any activity on your property while you are away. Some further tips for your planning:

  • Secure your home before you leave
  • Save the social media announcements for when you get back
  • Let your credit card companies and bank know you will be using your accounts out of town so that they don’t get frozen for unusual activity
  • Keep a copy of your credit cards, along with the company phone numbers in case they are lost
  • Secure valuables in the hotel safe

Home Security and Safety at Home

home alarm systems while on spring break vacation

You might choose to stay home for Spring Break and just catch up on some spring cleaning. However, you are in an area that will have an influx of visitors during this time. This doesn’t mean you have to stay inside for the week but always stay alert. If you go into town, the first thing is to stay take your health precautions. Follow the local recommendations, especially knowing there are people from all over coming to your area. Also, when in crowds, keep your valuables safe. Your purse or bags need to stay close. When storing these items in the car, use the trunk so they stay unseen. When arriving home, be aware of your surroundings and anyone standing close by. More precautions: 

  • Don’t leave packages in your car unsupervised as you unload, lock when finished
  • Keep house locked up even when you are home
  • Motion-activated lights make sure all activity gets seen
  • Visible security cameras tend to discourage intruders
  • Keep blinds and curtains drawn while away or at night
  • Place valuables out of sight

Home Security and More

Spring Break is exactly what it sounds like, taking a break from a long winter and catching our breath. Being safe doesn’t mean not having fun. Especially this year, people are anxious to get out, but don’t let your guard down. Making smart choices saves you from trouble in the future. Fort Knox wants to help you have a safe Spring Break. Whether traveling or staying home, make sure that the house is secured. We know what it takes to protect you and your family. Let us know what your plans are and we see to it that you get the best care in preparing. Give us a call and find out what we have for security options. Have a safe Spring Break! 

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