Dallas Most Trusted Home Security Systems

It’s time to look over some home alarm systems and their companies. With so many security companies out there, who do you trust? You can list what you need to keep your home safe. You can add to your list the items that may not be necessary, but add convenience to your routine. Then find out facts, such as prices and contracts. Unfortunately, many home security companies don’t list their prices, but require a home visit to get the bottom line. The businesses listed below are all reliable DFW alarm companies. It just depends on what your requirements are.

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What Have They Got for You?

Alert 360

Alert 360 started as a small home security and alarm monitoring company in the 1970s and has grown to nationwide status with a quarter of a million customers, residential and commercial. They have Five Diamond Monitoring recognition, which means a fast response time for emergencies. They can upgrade present alarm systems or install new ones. They offer smart home options to add to your security device. They offer four different packages from which you can choose. Monitoring begins at $15.95 with a 36-month contract. 


Vivint is a nationwide company that even goes into Canada. Originating in 1999, they have several years of experience in the business. They have over a million customers in North America. Customer feedback shows that Vivint has security systems that work well with any smart home devices that you may want to add. Their base package starts at around $599.00. For 24/7 monitoring, storage, along with home automation, it is about $39.99 a month in total. There are different contracts and agreements, depending on the equipment and plan you choose. 

Fort Knox

Fort Knox Smart Home Security

Fort Knox Smart Home Security

Fort Knox is one of the popular local business and home security companies in Dallas. They founded their business 14 years ago with the goal of maintaining the highest level of customer care.  They are a local company that offers three different packages that you can customize with exactly what you need, along with a couple of convenience items you may want to make that daily routine easier. Being a local company, they can offer free same-day setup and have your alarm systems activated within a couple hours of the technician setting it up. Alarm monitoring of an existing system starts at $15.95 a month. 

The Deciding Factors

With technology continuing to evolve and as smart home automation takes over the chores at our home, decisions will have to be made as needs change. As stated previously, there are our needs, and then there are our wants. Make your decision based on the best for your family. When a business is popular and has lengthy experience, it is good for our confidence. When the business is local, it becomes friendly and personalized. It is also easier to schedule appointments and speak with someone right away when we need them. Make good choices, and keep your family well protected.