Winter can be a rough time for many states. When they finally crawl out from under the cold snow and ice, it will be time to enter the rainy season, then followed by hurricane season. We can’t stop the weather, but we can do our best to prepare ahead of time. Sadly, some people will take advantage of bad weather and power outages to break into homes. Your home security system can help you out with all of these concerns. Let’s review a few of the devices from your home security system and see how they work in times of bad weather. 

Security Hub Panel

One of the most important things to know during a storm is the weather forecast and severe weather alerts. Many home security panels are capable of being programmed for this. Knowing if the temperature is going to go below freezing is important. There are also options to have severe weather alerts sent from your monitoring company. 

home security during winter storms

High/Low-Temperature Sensors

Another device offered by some home security companies is a low-temperature sensor. These sensors alert you when a temperature falls below a certain point that you have pre-programmed. This is important when there is a threat of freezing pipes or an overheating furnace while you are not home. 

Flood Sensors

Flood sensors are a device that prevents a small leak from turning into a damaging flood in your home. Place these sensors in basements, under sinks, near a water heater, or any other spot that is prone to leaking or burst pipes. When the sensor detects water, it sends an alert to your phone app. 

To go a step further, there also exist water alarms. They not only detect the presence of water, but they alert you via the app and then shut off the main water supply in the home with a smart water valve. However, this option requires a technician to install it since it integrates into your water supply. 

Smoke Detector

Another important device in the home is the smoke detector. Especially in the winter months, we tend to run heaters and fireplaces more increasing the risk of a fire in the home. Then, when the power goes out in a storm, we tend to light up candles which are another item to watch closely. Smoke detectors can be wired into your home security system so that you receive alerts when you are away from home.

home security smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible, life-threatening gas that can appear in your home. This gas results from using coal, oil, gas, and wood, and the fuel does not completely burn off.