The last child has left for college to begin a new chapter in their life. This leaves you and your spouse alone for the first time in decades. You get to begin a new chapter in your life as well. You now will make decisions based on your own needs for the first time in quite a while. With just the two of you, will you be keeping that big house or downsizing? What about your home security system? With the kids at home, there was constant monitoring of activity. However, with only two people at home, what are your security needs now? You’re probably around the median age of 50, so you don’t need the senior precautions yet. 

Re-evaluate Your Home Security

If you already have a home security system, start by giving it a good evaluation. Consider its age. If it’s nearing the ten-year mark, it will be time to start looking for a newer system. Although it is still functioning, it may begin to have issues. You never want your home security to become undependable at a critical moment. A professional advisor may be helpful in looking over your system to see what can be updated and what needs replacing. 

Home Security Installation

Monitoring is Always Important

No matter what level of home security you have, monitoring is always the best option. Especially now that there will be a lot less activity at home, it could look like more of a target for intruders. Having a set of eyes on your property 24/7 gets you a less distracted day and a more peaceful rest at night. More than likely, travel plans become frequent without the kids around. This is all the more reason to have the home covered by a monitoring company.

Smart Home Upgrades

Without the extra expenses that come with kids at home, maybe it’s time to upgrade that home security system. Now is the time for you to put your focus back on the house and start enjoying it. Have you seen the options that smart homes have with today’s technology? Convenience is the goal of all its devices. Everyday tasks are cared for by your virtual voice assistant and the home’s automation. Not to mention, there are savings involved when you implement the smart thermostat and lighting management. You won’t have to worry about getting forgetful. Receive reminders on your smartphone that the garage door is still open or the lights are on in the kitchen. Then, remotely make the adjustments you need. No wasting energy in your smart home. 

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Lots of Extras

Along with a good home security system that is integrated with smart home features are endless options. In addition to your standard security items, such as cameras, door locks, and video doorbells, there is much more. You can add on smart devices like plugs, lightbulbs, thermostats, appliances, and anything else that plugs in. Now that you have time to do some yard work there are even smart programmable lawnmowers. Smart irrigation checks the weather on its own and adjusts the watering schedule. New items become available daily.

Enjoy the New Chapter

Whether you decide to stay in your present home or move to downsize, home security remains an important feature. Take the time to focus on yourself and your home. Make it something you’ve always wanted but didn’t have the time or money to do so. With today’s conveniences readily available, there’s no reason to not upgrade. At Fort Knox Home Security, we can assist you in evaluating your present home security system. We have many smart home options available to help you upgrade. Let us know what your ideas are and our team of experts can get your home set up in no time. Call today!

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