Welcome to the future of Smart Home Technology

The early days of having a security system began in the late 1700s with a simple lever tumbler lock. Today we can tell our Smart Home to lock itself. Security continues to evolve, with the needs of society combining with technology. What started in the 1800s as a unique centralized neighborhood monitoring system for the local businesses is now available to all homes. 

Cost of Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security App With Apple Watch Support

Smart Home Security App With Apple Watch Support

As home security became more of a demand and technology advanced, the cost to have a device in your home began to decline. Forty years ago, a simple alarm in the home could cost about $1,000. Today you can get a doorbell camera for about $100. The FBI statistics for 2018 show that over 1 million burglaries occurred. It is then surprising to also see the statistic that only about a quarter of the homes in the nation have a security system. 

However, homeowners are beginning to see how they can benefit by having a source of security monitoring on their property. From porch bandits to car door checking, it is getting more common seeing these bold thieves on the news. As new security devices emerge, it is becoming easier and more affordable to secure your property and keep your family safe. 

Home Security Cameras

Home Security Camera Package

Home Security Camera Package

Other than the audible, electromagnetically triggered alarms, there are the ever-popular video cameras. Closed-circuit television, CCTV, came about in the 1940s on a commercial basis. The downside of this was that it was only for live monitoring. The next advancement brought reel-to-reel recording, a costly and burdensome process. Relief came with the new VCR technology in the 1970s. The security systems could work on their own. The recordings could be saved and reviewed. 

We have now arrived at the place in time where digital technology has made video surveillance user-friendly and affordable enough for the average homeowner. With this fact, home security video streaming has become available on-demand to stream over your cellphone, computer, or other electronic devices. 

Protecting Your Family

What else can we do to secure our family? In addition to wireless home security alarms, video doorbells, and cameras, there are also smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The homeowner can even maintain these over the internet to see what the present status is or check on the battery life. With the emergence of Alexa and other Smart Home monitors, we have smart locks, speakers, garage door openers, speakers, and security cameras.

Technology is advancing daily, and it is hard to imagine what the future holds for security systems. As for now, we have endless options from which we could choose, no matter what may be our economic situation or security need. It is all out there.  We only need to educate ourselves on what is out there. Consult with safety experts in your area, get opinions and reviews from your neighbors, and make your home secure. Stay safe! 

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