Some feel that having home security is the answer to all your safety worries. Well, it definitely is a step in the right direction. However, it is never a good thing to let your guard down, even when you have alarm systems present. Due to our lives changing as time goes by, it is vital to reexamine your home’s security every once in a while. You need to be sure that you still have proper coverage around the home and things are staying updated. Continuous adjustments and improvements are the keys to staying safe and secure. Here are some ideas to evaluate your current system and see if there are areas that could use your attention. 

Stay Up-to-Date

Your home security system runs just like your computer and other electronics when it comes to software and firmware. Meaning, in order to run at its best, you need to keep it up-to-date with the latest provided by the company. Most security system devices update automatically when a new update comes out. But, rather than assume it is happening, make it a habit to follow up on these updates. These updates are important. Remember, the cybercriminal is always looking for the vulnerable system. It is your job to stay a step ahead by letting the company updates get installed regularly. 

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Regular Maintenance

Another important way to improve your home security is to make sure your system stays running smoothly by keeping it clean. This includes properly cleaning your camera lenses, checking and replacing batteries where needed. As you walk through and check your devices, also look at your sensor connections. Window and doors get jarred around, and sensors may loosen. 

While you are outside cleaning up the cameras, look over the landscaping to ensure no views are blocked by a growing tree or bush. Don’t allow blind spots or places to hide close to your home. In addition to the cameras, look over your outside lighting and replace any bulbs that are out. Even if it is motion-sensor lighting, you want all activity to get lit up when it occurs. 

Adding Home Automation

You may already be using a device or two that are smart home products. However, you take your home security to a whole new level when you combine it with smart home automation. Having access to your home devices on your smartphone is priceless. Manage your alarm systems and smart items while you are away from home. Program and schedule or manually manage all of your Wi-Fi devices connected together through your home control panel. Checking the status of your home during the day relieves a lot of worry and stress. Also, knowing that instant alerts arrive on your smartphone the moment anything unusual gets detected at the house. 

One of the best benefits of home automation and your security system is that it helps keep up your daily routine. Even when you are away on vacation, control over your lights, blinds, and other daily used items still get turned on and off. It looks like you are always home. This secures your house by discouraging any intruders looking for an easy target. 

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Continuous Improvement

Your home security system serves you well when it comes to providing protection and peace of mind. You want to keep it that way but keeping it in tiptop shape. Even though things run well at the moment, don’t put off checking and performing regular maintenance. Need some additional ideas for improving your home security? Give us a call at Fort Knox Security, and we are happy to go over your security and automation with you. We will show you the latest devices and ensure that you are up-to-date with your security devices. Call us today for more information and ideas!