What Your Security Company Can Do For You

You have finally decided to invest in a security system for your Houston home. You take a look at the different packages that the company offers, and it almost looks overwhelming. Don’t view that as a negative thing, but rather as a lot of customizable options from which you can choose. Breaking down each device and its purpose will help you with those decisions. 

The Latest Home Security Technology

A few of the essential devices included in a home security package may look like this:

Home Security Camera Package

Home Security Camera Package

  • Cameras- Home security cameras have come a long way. Indoor cameras can be used to check on the children or even the pets at home. Outdoor cameras keep an eye on who is stepping onto your property, day or night.
  • Video Doorbell- This device allows you to see, hear, and speak with whoever is at your front door. The Fort Knox SkyBell has full-color night vision.
  • Wireless Motion Detector- Senses motion or body heat in your home and sends an alert.
  • Window and Door Sensors- These sensors let you know when a window or door gets opened. 
  • Control Panel- This panel lets you connect and control all your home security devices. You can also add other Smart Home devices on there. 
  • Mobile App and Cloud Storage- Fort Knox has a secure app that allows you to access your property from anywhere in the world. You can do with your smartphone,  tablet, smartwatch, or computer.

Smart Home Security & Automation Devices

Once you have all of your base security devices set, there are several add-ons that you can layer onto your home alarm system. The following items may not be considered essential, but once you get used to them, you will wonder how you did without them. 

  • Remote Keychain Controller- You can use this to arm/disarm your home security systems as you come or go onto your property. It includes a panic button to activate your alarm if needed.
  • Smart Deadbolt– This is a keyless entry that allows you to either control it from your smartphone, or enter a code to gain access. 
  • Connected Thermostat- Change your home temperature while you are away with your smartphone or virtual assistant.
  • Garage Door Opener- This allows you to open and close your garage door with your smartphone or virtual assistant. 
  • Smoke Detectors- You can be alerted if there is smoke or fire detected. 
  • Glass Break Sensors-  An microphone monitors noise or vibrations that may come from glass doors or store-front windows. 
  • Stream Video Recorder- This saves data streams from your cameras to a file. 

Safety and Convenience

Security systems grow more popular every day. Technology keeps advancing. Whatever choices you make, be informed. Have in mind what you need to protect your family and home. You may then take this list to a professional who can guide you through putting together the perfect system for you. With products getting more affordable, you can add a few of these convenient Smart Home devices. Top it all off with 24/7 alarm monitoring for an extra layer of safety. Call us at Fort Knox Security Services. We will make you a safe place to call home.