In a couple of weeks, public schools wrap up a long and tedious school year. It ends a year of juggling schedules, Zoom meetings, homework, virtual projects, etc. Everyone is ready for a summer break. However, this also means the kids are home for the next two to three months. With safety restrictions still making travel plans tedious, more families will stay closer to home, more than likely. But, with a lot of home time for the kids, you may still be going to work every day. Do you have safety precautions in place so that it minimizes risks? Have you worked out a plan with the kids in the case of an emergency? What about home security? Let’s go over a few helpful tips to consider. 

Establish Rules

Kids watch and learn a lot better than they listen and learn. Safety rules start at a very young age. As you go through your day, you teach these rules. For example, cooking at the stove, you say things like not to touch since it is scorching and show how you need to get a towel or mitt to handle the pan. Or, when someone rings the doorbell, you demonstrate how you answer your video doorbell on your smartphone. You do this while reminding them that they are never to answer the door without verifying who it is first, especially if you are not home. Let them see you arm and disarm your security system. With your assistance, let them give it a try too. As they get older, more responsibility and more explanation. Make home security part of your everyday routine. 

video doorbell

Create a Safe Environment

Depending on your kids’ ages, when they are home alone, they should know their limitations. Whether it is no knives, no fire, or no cooking, it should all be established ahead of time. Items such as medicines, weapons, or other unsafe items, should be locked away. A fire extinguisher and emergency contact numbers need to be readily available. As stated before, when rules are habits and daily routines, they are easier to follow and not questioned. However, even though the rules are laid out, as parents, we can back it up by making the house as safe as possible before leaving the kids in charge. One of the best ways to do this is by having a home security system. To get the best results from this, back it up with an alarm monitoring service. 

Have a home security system in place allows you to check in throughout the day. Using the app on your smartphone, you see the activity going on in the house through your indoor cameras. Motion sensors let you know when someone approaches the house outside. Outdoor cameras, including your video doorbell, don’t let anything escape your notice. Having alarm monitoring ensures that getting help for an emergency is done quickly. 

Information Safety

With the technology today and the tech-savvy kids we have, extra precautions need to be put in place. Our kids need to know never to give out personal information. Even if it is someone they know, there is no need for that to come from them. Tell them always to refer the one asking back to you. Kids can be very forthright and usually volunteer more information than is needed. Passwords to your Wi-Fi and other devices in the home should stay within the family. Establish a Guest password for visitors upon approval. 

Set up parental controls on the internet if you are concerned about websites visited while you are away. Keep the conversation going daily about internet safety. 

home security while school is out

Enjoy the Summer Break!

Whether we work at home or back in the office, we always want our families to be safe. Have a plan in place and routinely practice with the kids about various emergency scenarios. Remember, start young so that it is a habit and not something to strike fear in them. Give us a call at Fort Knox Home Security. Our security experts can give insight into what serves your household best when your property and family are taken into consideration. We want you secure and enjoying your summertime. We also have strategies to keep your home safe when that vacation opens up again. Find out more today!