Smart home technology is becoming a standard in our homes. New smart home ideas and automated devices come out daily. It adds convenience to our lives and even extra security when we integrate it into our home alarm systems. Some of our home automation comes from necessity, such as with our home security systems. However, many of our devices take care of simple daily tasks. Although you feel that your house is all set when it comes to gadgets, let’s look at a couple of items you may want to add to your wishlist.

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Going Green with Automation

Homeowners are very conscious of having green standards in their homes. Not only do they have a goal of protecting the environment, but they are also very budget-conscious. By putting home automation in place, they accomplish both. Smart home energy savers include your thermostat, hot water heater, and even solar energy if you choose. It’s true that these items are not really new. However, the technology that manages them keeps getting smarter. Besides adjusting its usage to avoid wasting energy, it now closely monitors this usage and reports it. When you see the numbers in front of you, it is easier to make needed adjustments to save and conserve. 

An example of a new and trending appliance is a refrigerator that serves as a hub for your food, music, security, calendar, and more. It has a built-in virtual voice assistant that carries out your voice requests. Need a recipe for dinner based on what is in the refrigerator? Just ask, and it will appear. Making your grocery list? Your smart refrigerator already has it started with the items you ran out of. Does the kitchen feel too warm from all of the cooking? Ask your refrigerator hub to lower the A/C temporarily. Busy cooking and not able to answer the door? View your video doorbell on your refrigerator’s screen and speak with your visitor. If you have a keyless door lock, ask your virtual assistant to unlock it for your guest to come in. 

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Home Automation Security and Wellness

Automation steadily improves in the area of your home alarm systems and health services. The best part of smart home automation and security is the wide variety of options you put together for your unique needs. Security control panels are now beginning to move to biometric authorization. The panel disarms itself when it recognizes an authorized user’s face. It is also capable of voice commands and two-way conversation with your monitoring company. Other security automation devices in demand are automated blinds that adjust to daylight and nighttime, touchless video doorbells that sense when someone stands at your door and alerts you without them needing to ring. The past year has focused attention on developing items that are touchless, and home security steps up to this need. 

Smartwatches have the capability of performing an ECG that monitors patterns and an irregularity in your heartbeat. These watches also track our activity, sleep quality, and diet. During the pandemic, virtual doctor appointments have become necessary for some. Having records of your personal health comes in handy for this type of service. Our elderly ones are especially susceptible to becoming ill, and being monitored at home is less worrisome. Home alarm systems also put in place panic buttons around the home for emergency assistance. There are also wearable pendants that serve as panic buttons. Additional wellness automation trends include relaxation lighting, air quality control, audio mood music, and temperature control. 

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Putting it All Together

Whether you are looking for security, convenience, or entertainment, new home automation provides it all. The big demand allows companies to produce a wide variety of devices for every budget. Putting home alarm systems as a priority gives your home a safe environment. Then, other smart home devices get easily added to this system. For practical suggestions, give us a call at Fort Knox Security Services. We stay in touch with the latest trends and equipment so that they are always available. We want you to be able to upgrade your home security systems when you see a device that fits your home. It is important to make sure that any added items are compatible and work well together. We help you do this too! See something you like? Don’t wait, we’re here to help!