San Antonio Smart Home Ideas

When someone speaks about having a San Antonio Smart Home, what comes to your mind? Maybe you think of clapping your hands to turn off the lights? Ideas have evolved far past that concept today. We are now able to fill our homes with programmable devices that we can control and schedule with the smartphone in the palm of our hand. 

Smart Home Automation Basics

Home Security Camera Package

Home Security Camera Package

One of the most requested smart devices is the video doorbell. Why is that? Because security is always a priority when it comes to our safety at our home. It appears to be a simple device, but, in the right position, it can monitor your whole front yard. The doorbell alerts you when there is any activity nearby that triggers the sensor. A video of that activity begins, and you can choose to view it, or have a two-way live conversation if there is a person present. There are many more smart security items to add to your home. Cameras are available for both inside and out. These are used with motion sensors or live monitoring, both having alerts that are sent directly to you. Your front door can have a keyless lock that can be unlocked or locked from your smartphone when necessary. Even your garage door can let you know when you left it open, or the home security system can arm itself if you ask it. 

Smart Home Convenience & Security

Real convenience begins with a smart outlet. This outlet will allow you to plug in just about anything and control it with your smartphone or your home assistant. For example, program your Roomba vacuum, dishwasher, and washing machine to get to work as you walk out the door for the day. You can now get smart refrigerators that keep track of your inventory and make the grocery list for you after you choose a recipe. Smart blinds can open and close when you want, making it appear that you are home when you’re not. The thermostat can save you money by being on a schedule that lets it know when no one is home. 

Home Security CamerasThe Future Is Here

You have your security all set, and chores have been delegated to your smart appliances. Now you can pick out a few items to enjoy for yourself. Other than smelling the freshly brewed automatic coffee in the morning, there are more options you may like. The garage door can now sense when you pull in and open on its own. The lights in the house know it’s time to turn on and welcome you home. Choose what greets you as you walk inside. You can have the latest days news from the television already on or some of your favorite music. These are just a few of the smart home ideas that are available. Unlike the old days, when it took an individual remote to control each item, you can hold all the control in the palm of your hand in your smartphone app. You can also have a centralized hub in the home for all-in-one control. Contact us at Fort Knox, and let us work with your ideas to make the best smart home package customized just for you!