The winter winds are winding down and many homeowners are enjoying the sun and fresh blossoms to
the start of the season. Whilst traveling or enjoying the outdoors, prevent yourself from becoming a
victim this spring by following these helpful home security tips:

1. Lock ALL Point of Entry
Although it seems like a given, a majority of home invasions occur when a door or window is left
unlocked. Be sure to double check all doors and windows when leaving your home, especially
on breezy spring days when windows may be left open.

2. Examine and Repair Home Exterior
While double checking the locks is key, the lock would render useless if the window itself is
damaged or in need of repair. Take this time to enjoy the sunlight and analyze your homes
exterior for any damage to your house that intruders may utilize to gain entry.

3. Spring Cleaning
Many homeowners take this time to cleanse or freshen up their homes, which is a perfect
opportunity to check all entry points as well as the exterior of your home. However, when
disposing of old boxes and bags from past purchases, be sure to cut down and conceal them to
keep burglars from singling out your home. Leaving boxes from big ticket items at your street
corner will draw attention from potential thieves, giving them a preview of what they could find
in your home.

4. Updating Home Locks
Whether you have just purchased your home, or you have been living there for years, spring
cleaning is the perfect excuse to change your locks. As a new homeowner, you haven’t the
foggiest who may have a copy of your house keys, and in contrast, if you have owned your home
for many years you may have lost track of who all has a key. Also look into automated front door
locks that can be locked and unlocked from your smart phone.

5. Spring Break
While our minds may already be at the beach, be sure to secure a trusted friend, neighbor or
family member to check in on your home. Whether you are heading out for spring break, or just
a long weekend at a friend’s, it is always a good idea to have a designated person to drive by.
Simple tasks like retrieving the mail or temporarily parking a car in the drive way will make your
home look occupied and less favorable to burglars looking for an empty house to scavenge.