When we ring in a new year, we look for ways to reset and refresh with new goals. One of the things you may have been contemplating is a new home security system. Or, maybe you already have alarm systems covering the home, but you want to upgrade it with some smart home devices. With home security systems, options are now endless with the items you can integrate with them.

home security package


Your home security system should be all about keeping you safe. It begins with top-of-the-line equipment. Look for equipment that works with your smartphone and computer. You want to stay in control and informed at all times. Get cameras capable of HD night vision with a wide-angle that won’t leave any blind spots, especially outside. Many cameras are now capable of a two-way conversation. They are also motion-sensor equipped. Don’t cut corners when it comes to protecting the family. In addition, with the app, you receive instant alerts to activity detected.

Of course, you want to glue the protection all together by adding on alarm monitoring. Having a central monitoring station watching over you 24/7 can’t be beaten. It relieves you of the stress of wondering what is going on at the house. Also, if there is an emergency in the home, it just takes the push of a button to get help on the way. You never feel alone with a good monitoring company. Just having a good video doorbell helps out. Seeing someone approaching your door and then speaking with them keeps your home from seeming defenseless. When looking over home security companies, there should be a variety of packages offered. The packages should be something you can customize to fit your home’s needs. You don’t want items you are not going to put to use.

smart home security


The advanced technology of home security systems today allows us to add smart home convenience to it. Did you know that if a device or appliance uses a plug or Wi-Fi that you can almost always use your smartphone to control it? Everything from your thermostat to the lights in your home, the garage door to turning on your oven managed from anywhere you may be.

Smart home advancements are improving every day. With geo-fencing automation, all you have to do is pull into the driveway and your smart home detects you. Items you have pre-programmed jump into motion. For example, the lights come on, the thermostat adjusts for comfort, the music turns on, and the oven may begin to preheat. When it is as easy as downloading an app and putting a smart plug in the wall or a smart bulb in the lamp, why not? Integrating these items into your home security system