Buckle up Texas we are in for a warm summer. With the rise of temperatures and emergence of the sun, people start to go out and about to enjoy the weather. While this leads to fun, vibrant communities, it also brings burglars out of the woodwork.

According to a 2010 study by the U.S. Department of Justice, theft and burglary related crimes increase 11%, on average, in summer months compared to winter months. In fact, from 1993 through 2010, no winter led to more theft than the corresponding summer, with some summers resulting in an over 15% jump in activity.

Police officers in Dallas County recently advised residents to be mindful of the increased threat of theft that begins in the summer months. This includes not only home theft, but also burglarizing of vehicles. Burglars take advantage of people leaving windows open due to the heat and use them as entry points to a home or car. 

Summer also leads to increase in vacations, leaving homes vacant. Homes without a security system are 200% more likely to be burglarized. Make attempts to maintain the illusion of being home by having indoor and outdoor lights on timers and having a neighbor bring your mail inside. Never post your whereabouts on social media until after you’ve returned home from your destination. While it may be tempting to post pictures while you’re away, they can also be huge tips for a potential burglar.