Three Things to Remember for Summer Break

Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school, and you have plenty of time accrued to take a few days off. We are all excited to begin using our vacation time after a long year and a half of staying inside. But, as you start to make plans for getting away, you need to think ahead. Remember, burglars like when you take that vacation too. Or, maybe you need to work, but your kids are home alone. This situation requires planning as well. Lastly, what about if you have out-of-town visitors coming to stay with you? Let’s consider these three scenarios and see what your home security does to keep everyone safe. 

home security for kids home alone

Kids Are Home Alone

The kids have come to a responsible age where you trust them to be at home alone. However, you still need to make sure you have prepared them for any emergency that may arise. Make up possible emergencies that could occur and then rehearse what they need to do. Have a plan for them, so they never have to guess. They need to have the best way to reach you in a quick-access spot. Also, be sure to include phone numbers for other family members or trusted friends if needed. With alarm monitoring on your security system, it should only take the push of the panic button or control panel for them to get immediate assistance. 

Have them practice turning your security system on and off, just in case. You should all agree on rules about coming and going from the house. Go over guidelines about if or when to open the door to an unexpected visitor. With your home security system, the video doorbell camera becomes very useful. With the two-way communication capacity, you could personally answer a ring at the front door to see who it is. You can see and hear the live video feed on your smartphone or PC. The visitor won’t even know that you are away from the house. 

home security when family visits

Having Visitors Staying With You

When we have visitors stay over in our home, it is more than likely family or someone close with your kids. Of course, we trust them and don’t need to worry about protecting our homes from them. But, we do want to keep them safe while they are here. Your children need to remember not to share the passwords from the home security system, Wi-Fi password, or computer passwords. Especially in the kids’ circle, friends come and go. You wouldn’t want them passing it on to even more people. Change your passcodes regularly to stay safe. For the Wi-Fi, set up a passcode for Guests. 

If visitors need to come and go while you are not home, keyless locks are ideal. Assign them their own personal PIN code and deactivate it when they leave. As for your security system, if they have trouble arming it or you prefer not to share the code, use the app on your smartphone. After they leave the house, you can arm it remotely and disarm it on their return. Or, if you prefer, set a temporary passcode that you change back after the visit. 

home security during vacation

Vacation Time!

Finally, time off with some relaxation in view! With a home security system in place, along with some smart home devices, you should be all set. You have probably heard these tips before, but reminders never hurt when it comes to safety:

  • Stop the mail and newspaper, or have someone pick it up regularly
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked up
  • Lock away all your valuables
  • Have a neighbor, family member, or friend check on things
  • Use your smart home devices to keep your daily routine going for lights, blinds, TV, and more.
  • Don’t post your plans to be out of town on social media
  • Keep your lawn, pool, and pest control routine going

Final Words

Of course, having alarm system monitoring watching over the home 24/7 is what really lets you relax while you are away. Fort Knox Home Security knows how to keep your home safe while you are in it or when you are away. Give us a call for more suggestions to prepare your home with the latest in security technology. Let the professionals with decades of experience in the security industry show you how to make the most of your home security system!