Tips for Pet Security

For many pet owners, heading out for your daily routine always comes with the guilt of leaving your furry friends left unattended.  However, nowadays technological advancements have started to fill the gaps of insecurity for the animal loving homeowner.  Below are some tips for keeping your pets safe while you’re away.

First, let’s take a look at a few non-technological steps you can take before you leave your pet home alone:

  • Double check that all windows and doors are locked (including the doggy door!)
  • Remove any items that may be toxic for pets, such as grapes or sugar-free chewing gum
  • Extinguish any candles or open flames
  • Keep anything that could be a choking hazard off of the floor and out of reach

While taking these simple steps will keep your pet safe, will it truly ease your mind? Used to homeowners would set their manual thermostats and shuffle off to work hoping for the best, but especially here in Texas, the temperature you set in the morning maybe uncomfortable later…Now, thanks to newer smart thermostats owners can easily change and monitor their wireless security system using a smartphone.

Another common safety appliance that has seen some effective improvements is the smoke alarm.  While the traditional alarm sounds to let you know there was a fire, it becomes useless to your pet when you aren’t home.  With new monitored smoke detectors, you will not only hear the alarm signaling you to evacuate, you will also receive a notification in case you aren’t on your property.  While the monitored system notifies you of the incident occurring at your home it is also notifying local authorities so that the problem can be contained quickly, and so that you don’t have to.

Of course, our biggest problem as pet owners is wanting to be able to be with our furry friend all the time, but unfortunately, we all have to go to work sometime. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to bring our pal to work, you can now watch him/her at the touch of your finger tip.  Home security systems can be installed and easily viewed from a computer or smartphone anytime.  This new video surveillance will put your mind at ease while your away for an hour or a few days and have left your pet in the care of a sitter.

With so many technological advancements in security, protecting your pet and property have never been easier.  Customize your security to fit you and your pets needs for your type of property.