Tips For Preventing a Home Invasion

A home invasion is something that nobody wants. Your home should be a place of refuge and safety. A home invasion could make your house feel less like this and more like a place of danger, fear, and lack of peace. Avoiding these feelings begin by reducing the possibility of a home invasion.

Easy and Low-Cost Ways to Protect Your Home

People planning a home invasion tend to go for the houses that are unprotected and easy targets. They will avoid specific houses if they know there is a high likelihood that they will be caught or unable to enter. There are some simple ways you can help to prevent these invasions and increase your safety for little to no cost.

Stickers and Signs

Even fake security signs or window stickers could deter invaders. If they think you have a security system, they will be more likely to stay away.

House Numbers

Make your house numbers highly visible and readable. This makes it so that police can easily and quickly identify and locate your home in case of an emergency.

Be Aware of Your Trash

This may sound like a weird one, but even this small detail that can have a huge impact. Be cautious about what trash is showing or left on your curb. If you have cardboard boxes for electronic appliances on the curb, it could depict how wealthy you are and you could become a target. Be sure to break down boxes of any expensive purchases such as TV’s or computers.


Always lock the windows throughout your whole house. It may not seem significant, but make sure you even lock windows on the second floor of your home. An open window is an easy entrance for an invader.

Door Screws

Switch out the screws in your door hinges for longer ones. The recommended length for door screws is three inches or longer. This makes it harder for someone to enter your home forcefully.

Talk To The People In Your House

Have a conversation with the people who live in your house. Make a plan for what to do if you are ever in danger. Make an escape plan in the case of an invasion.

Sleep With Your Keys

Sleep with your keys next to your bed, so that in case of an emergency, you can press the panic button and activate your car alarm. This could scare away the intruder and alert the neighbor’s attention.

Talk To a Trusted Neighbor

Talk to a neighbor you trust. Tell them if you are going out of town and have them keep an eye on your house while you are gone.

Other Ways To Protect Your Home

Some options are a bit more costly, but a significant investment. Sometimes a more serious option for protection is necessary and essential for your security. Here are some excellent ways to keep your home protected.

Security Systems

It is a good idea to install security systems in your home. With these systems, you can arm your house so that the alarm will ring if anyone enters. The alarm will continue to ring until the correct password is entered. Several alarm systems will call the police if the alarm is not deactivated after a certain amount of time, and some systems will contact the police automatically if the system is smashed or broken.


Automatic sensor lights are useful tools for protection. You can install lights such as floodlights in front of your home that will automatically activate is someone walks past them. This way, if you are home, you will know if someone is on your property. With lights, you can make it look like you are home even if your house is empty. This could cause the person to leave out of fear.


It may be a good idea to get a dog. Not only are they magnificent animals, but they can help alert you if someone is trying to enter your home or potentially scare them away. Obviously, do not go for this one if you are allergic to dogs, or do not have the time or ability to care for one.

Security Cameras

Investing in security cameras is a good idea. You can install them inside or outside your house to be able to see if you have any intruders or if someone is trying to break in. With these cameras, you are able to see live footage and recordings to view later.

Anti-Break Window Film

If you have glass windows, it may be a good idea to put an anti-break film on them. This makes them hard to break and reduces possible entryways for intruders.

A home invasion is something that is unwanted but should not be feared. If you can put in the work it takes to keep your home and family protected, there should be nothing to worry about. You can significantly reduce the risks of even an attempted invasion in your home and make it near impossible for someone to break in.