Vacations can easily become uncomfortable when you do not have your peace of mind with you. Whether you are traveling for a business trip or a week-long vacation, you should always leave your worries behind. Home security and safety is something we worry the most about while traveling. Here are a few things you can do to enhance the protection of your house.

Home Security Tips

Trust Your Neighbors with a Spare Key

Never leave out the spare key under your doormat or the plant pot. This is the first thing burglars would look for. Give the spare key to your neighbors you trust or friends who are living close by.

Hide the Valuables in Kitchen

Burglars always know that the valuables’ safe is in the bedroom. Make sure to put it somewhere unexpected like the kitchen cabinets or bathroom cupboards. Not only will your valuables stay safe from the thieves but also stay secure in case a fire breaks out or other catastrophes.

Home Security Tips
Home Security Tips

Disconnect Main Doors

Hacking into weak security systems is pretty easy for active criminals nowadays. Make sure to disconnect the garage door just in case they use this trick to break into your precious house.

Keep Your Daily Services Active

Except for the mailman and the newspaper guy if you do not have any close friend or relative to pick them up for you. Call the post office to keep your mail on hold for the time being. Packages and deliveries can get you caught, therefore, it is best to have someone looking at the activities at your door. Allow your neighbors to move the deliveries. Have the gardener coming over for his daily job and allow your neighbors to park in your driveway.

Home Security Tips
Home Security Tips

Share Your Experience Later

Before you leave for the vacation, do not share any posts or photos giving away your departure. The Internet is a powerful source of good and bad activities people carry out. Put up a strict privacy for any of the past events on your profile. Remove all the contact information available on your social media accounts as it is very simple to link addresses. You can put up your memories after you are back from your trip.

Install a Home Security System

In order to make your home safe while you travel, it is best to get a security system. Fort Knox Security Services ranks at the top and you can take your comfort and peace of mind with you by simply installing it. Fort Knox Home Security provides services within 13 seconds as you hit the activate button. With Fort Knox security system, you can easily have access to;

Wireless Security
  • Controlling the temperature inside your house by using the current weather alerts in case your pets are home.
  • Custom user access. This feature allows you give a 4 digit code to anyone you like. You will be notified each time they visit your house. You can change the day and time of the code access others have.
  • Light & appliance control. You can easily control the lights and home appliances through this feature and save on energy.
  • Garage door control. Control the garage door by our security systems or simply disconnect it according to your need.
  • Live video monitoring and night visions views are available for you to keep a check anytime you wish.
  • Doorbell, pan and tilt cameras are installed wherever you like. You will have complete access to your home security system on any of your devices such as phones, laptops, tablets or watches.
Fort Knox Smart Home Security Systems

Taking care of your house had never been as easy as it is now with the help of Fort Knox Security Systems. It assures your comfort and well-being 24/7 whether you are home or not. So, travel stress free and enjoy your vacation without a worry.