Skybell HD vs. Ring Doorbells

When we begin putting together a list of devices to secure our home, the priority is locking up. Next on the list is usually the ever-popular video doorbell. The market is flooded with these right now. How do you know which one is right for you? The two that will be compared today are the SkyBell and the Ring. Both of these are very similar and are top leaders of the video doorbell industry, and at the same time have a couple differences that could sway your preference.

Home Security Camera Aesthetics


Looks can be important to those who want to add to their new home or just want an eye-pleasing device to blend in with the surroundings. Others may want the camera to stand out to warn those with not-so-innocent motives that they are being watched.

  • Ring – Color selection comes in four interchangeable exterior shells, silver, bronze, white, or black. 
  • Skybell – Color selection is silver or bronze

Home Security Camera Installation

The installation factors of time and ease depends on the placing of the doorbell, the decision to hardwire or use a battery for a power source, and whether or not you are a DYI person. Both doorbells can be installed on your own with minimal difficulty, but if a new electrical wire needs to be run, you may decide to contact an electrician to get the proper installation. 

  • Ring – Installation runs about 5 minutes with a hardwire from the existing doorbell or placed without a wire using a rechargeable battery. 
  • Skybell – Installation requires a hardwire, if already present will take about 20 minutes. 

Home Surveillance Video Quality

Both SkyBell and Ring have clear, sharp images during the daytime. The night vision is where they divide. Skybell provides night vision in color, whereas the Ring is in black and white. The angle of the view is similar, but the SkyBell gives you a wider angle of 180° and the Ring has a 160° view. Both have 1080 HD videos, but the SkyBell can go down to 720p for a weaker internet to eliminate a lag. SkyBell will grab a still photo of the visitor at the door, along with the video. 

  • Ring – Clear, sharp video, 1080 HD, pinch zoom, 160° horizontal view, adjustable motion detection zone, black and white night vision, 2-way conversation, silent chime mode, ADT live monitoring option.
  • SkyBell – Clear, sharp video, 1080 or 720 HD, wider 180° horizontal view, x5 zoom, motion detection sensor settings of high, medium or low, HD photographs, silent chime mode, color night vision, 2-way conversation, partnered with Honeywell.

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home technology is on the rise. Homeowners want to connect all their devices into a Hub for a total control center. Ring and SkyBell both work with your smart home assistants. 

  • Ring – Works with Alexa, Google Assistant (Echo), desktop app, option to integrate with a whole home security system, or work alone.
  • SkyBell – Works with Alexa, Google Assistant (video portion does not work with Echo), no desktop app. 

Video Doorbell Connectivity

Both the Ring and the SkyBell have a connection dependent on the strength and speed of the home’s Wi-Fi net. SkyBell has that option to slow down the video to 720p for a weaker signal in order to minimize any lag. 

  • Ring – Consumers report a few second lag to connect to live video, 1080p (720p 1st gen), has a web app
  • SkyBell – Consumers report quick to connect to live video, 1080p or 720p option, no web app

Outdoor Weatherproof Security Cameras

Ring and SkyBell are both weatherproof enough to be out in the storms. The only difference between the two in this category is that Ring doesn’t have as big of a temperature range tolerance as SkyBell. This will only matter if you live in the arctic or desert with extreme cold and hot. 

  • Ring –  Can weather -5° F to 120° F
  • SkyBell –  Can weather -40° F to 150° F


The pricing for these two video doorbells varies just slightly. The Ring has the initial purchase for the doorbell at about $250.00, and then offers storage for one camera at $30.00 a year, or$100.00 a year for multiple cameras. No long contract is needed. The SkyBell runs about $199.00 and offers free weekly video storage. No contract. 

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $249.00, and $30.00 a year to store videos from one camera for 60 days if you choose, or $100.00 a year total for multiple cameras. 
  • SkyBell HD- $199.00 with no fees to store your doorbell videos for 7 days. 
Home Security Camera Package

Home Security Camera Package


The SkyBell and the Ring video doorbells are both top of the line systems. It is up to the homeowner to do their research and consider what their needs and costs will be. Whether tying in a security system with monitoring or using alone and keeping track of the alerts yourself, they provide an affordable peace of mind for your home.

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