It seems like home alarm systems are becoming a new normal. Just about everyone you know has one for their home. You have a nice big dog, so what more are alarm systems going to do? Beyond making noise to scare off a bad guy, what other tasks is your security going to care for around the house? As technology continues to progress, and smart home devices integrate, the options become endless. 

Alarm Systems and Their Options

Of course, the whole purpose of a security system is to protect the home from intruders. Accomplish this by arming your entry points with sensors that will alert you to unusual activity. Your cameras, sensors, control panel, and alarm are tied in together. With the app that communicates with your system, you can use your home security devices for even more. Have a gun case, a medicine cabinet, or another storage unit for your valuables? Use your window and door contact sensors on these to alert you when they are accessed. When the door or drawer opens, the notice appears on your phone.

In addition, your indoor cameras let you watch over your home’s daily activities. Need to check to see if the pets stay off the couch? Or, maybe the kids at home want to show you something while you’re away. Use your app to see real-time streaming of the house, inside or out. 

alarm systems to keep you safe

Alarm Systems and Smart Options

As stated before, home security systems can now add smart home devices into their control panel. Now your safety takes a new aspect of convenience. Your smart plugs and smart switches are just waiting for the virtual home assistant to give them a command. Even better, with schedules and routines programmed into the system, your motion detectors see you coming and going. They are capable of turning the lights on and off as you move through the house. Don’t need those two back rooms heated? Your smart thermostat can fix that. It also knows when you leave for work and adjusts the temperature.

Save time and energy in addition to the safety aspect. In a hurry and wonder if the garage closed behind you? Your home security will alert you that it is still open, and your smart garage switch closes it for you with the app, no matter where you are. 

Security, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

When you combine a home security system and smart home devices, you definitely will have the safest and smartest home on the block. You go to work and the kids leave for school, and before you sit down at the desk, you check your security at home on your app. Your cameras show the kids leaving safely, the smart locks record the time they were used. The thermostat has turned down the heat for the day while no one is home. All the lights are off and the Roomba has started according to its schedule. The washer just alerted you the cycle is finished, but it also notified you that the detergent is running low. Now that the home is secured and humming smoothly, you can concentrate on your day. 

Alarm Monitoring center

Alarm Monitoring and Your Smart Security

The only way to top all of the above is by adding alarm monitoring to this system. What will this do for your perfect system? It will make sure that there is an extra set of eyes on your home. Your monitoring station is connected to your home security. In the case that there is any unusual activity that you may not notice or are unable to respond to, they will handle it. Also, when your sleeping or away, your monitoring company will be alerted by your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector if the sensors pick up any suspicious gases. 

There is so much your alarm system can do to improve your quality of life. Fort Knox can show you through all of your options to design the best package of security and smart options for your home. There is also home security for renters and apartments. Call now and find out more.