When most people install home security systems, they do it with the mindset that it will last forever. Few think ten years into the future and the possibility of doing it all over again. However, with today’s technology, upgrading your alarm systems becomes crucial to get the best protection for your home and family. Many feel this is not necessary since their decade-old system is still running well. Although this may be true, there are other factors to consider. 

Outdated Technology

If your security system is over ten years old, it is time to get a good inspection of it to make sure it is still functioning well. Even if it is, you are more than likely limiting its operations. As security systems age, they are unable to keep up with routine updates. Also, any new devices you have your eye on to add to your system might not be compatible. 

outdated home security technology

Wired Landlines

If you have one of the older home alarm systems, there are probably landlines and wires connecting everything together. Not only do wires wear and tear, bend and break, but they are also easily cut. No one wants to lose home security this way. It is difficult to try and perform repairs when one of the wires needs maintenance. 

Today’s security systems are going wireless. Wireless devices provide you with the flexibility to move them around easily when needed. Wireless systems also allow you to tie in your home security system into an app on your smartphone. This lets you manage your home security devices remotely and check on your home by viewing your cameras on a live stream. 

No Alarm Monitoring

Many of the original home security systems consisted of window and door sensors, along with a loud alarm. The alarm would sound if the window or doors open while the system is armed. However, this was only a benefit to those who heard it or the intruder that was hopefully scared off. 

By having home security monitoring by a professional company, your home has 24/7 protection. The company watches for any alarms triggered at your home. When an alarm comes in, they notify you, and when the alarm is verified, they quickly send emergency services to your home. This takes away the distraction of what is going on at home while you are away. Having a quick emergency response also limits the loss and damages from intruders or fire.

smart home monitoring

No Smart Home Capability

Smart home technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Not long ago, it amazed us when our virtual voice assistant played a song at our request. Now we don’t even have to make a request. Smart home technology added to our security system installation knows when we are arriving home. As we pull in the driveway, our outside motion-detecting lights come on. When you unlock the door, the security system disarms, music comes on, the indoor lights turn on, and your thermostat has adjusted itself for your arrival. Many older systems do not have the capability of integrating smart home devices, especially if they are not wireless. 

Edge Smart security and automation panel

Advances In Security and Smart Home Technology

With these rapid advances in technology, comes the 2GIG Edge Security Panel. The new control panel has the fastest processing speed seen in home security technology, with a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. Also, the advanced panel has an industry-first facial recognition system, allowing you to disarm and monitor your alarm system faster than ever before. The Edge panel helps make life easier and stress-free with voice commands that are enhanced by dual speakers and microphones.  The sleek new design is 50% thinner and has a larger screen while reducing the overall size and weight. The encrypted sensors prevent any system hacking, so you can rest assured your physical and digital assets are protected. When upgrading your system, be sure to ask about the all-new 2GIG Edge Panel.

Do You Need an Upgrade?

In making this decision, it is always best to consult a professional. At Fort Knox Home Security, we do our best to keep you and your home covered in the best protection. Call us to speak about what your system is like, and we will work with you to see if it is upgradable or not. Sometimes it needs minor upgrades, such as a newer keypad. Other times it is too outdated to add any of these new devices to it. Either way, we give you an honest appraisal of your home security. Being a local home security company, we want to keep our neighbors safe! Call today and let us help you out.

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