Garage Door Controller

 Garage Door Controller Features:

  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • Power: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz 
  • Garage door position sensor frequency: 345 MHz
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz
  • Range: Up to 130 feet between the wireless controller and/or the closest Z-Wave receiver module
  • S2 Security compatible
  • Garage door tilt sensor
  • Tilt sensor battery life: 24 months
  •  Audible (45 db) and visual movement warning
  • Controller: W 6.94″ x H 1.38″ x D 5.0″
  • Tilt sensor: W 1.69″ x H 0.88″ x D1.19″
  •  Weight: 0.66 lb.

Add this Z-Wave garage door controller to remotely open and close your garage door using a Z-Wave Gateway or security panel. It only requires pairing it to the Gateway. This controller gives off audible and visual warnings before it remotely activates in order to let anyone nearby know that it is moving. The tilt sensor gets attached to the garage door on the inside. This part of the device signals the Open or Closed status to the controller. The tilt sensor also gives you status updates if the garage door is left open or if it is closed. It works with just about any sectional garage door.

Use it with other Z-Wave automation scenes and schedules devices. This garage door controller also acts as a wireless repeater so it communicates well with other devices in the network.