Video Doorbell Camera

Video Doorbell Camera

Wide angled lens that captures it all, day or night.

Fort Knox Video Doorbell

Fort Knox Video Doorbell – See Who’s at Your Door

Fort Knox Video Doorbell – See Who’s at Your Door

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The Fort Knox® Video Doorbell is a high-tech doorbell that also doubles as a home security camera. The device comes with wireless, Wi-Fi video that can connect to your phone, allowing you to view it at any time from any place.  It will send an alert to your phone any time someone rings the doorbell, allowing you to know if someone is at your door even if you are not home. With motion sensors, this innovative device will alert you if someone is at your front door, even if they do not ring the doorbell.

When someone rings the bell, you will have the opportunity to see who is at your home and have a full conversation with them before even opening the door. You can do all of this even if you are all the way across the world. If you have a baby sleeping, or you simply want quiet in your home, you can silence the doorbell and only receive an alert on your phone. The camera allows you to watch live video footage, record videos to view later, and take pictures, and view your home’s history all from your smartphone. You never have to worry about your device breaking or not surviving a brutal storm. It is weatherproofed, rainproof, and designed to withstand extreme weather and temperatures.


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