Stream Video Recorder

Stream Video Recorder Features:

  • Continuously records up to 8 security camera streams 
  • Local storage on a single hard drive
  • HDMI Output
  • 720p or 1080p display options
  • USB mouse control
  • Access with the app for remote viewing of recordings
  • LED status light
  • 12V DC power adapter 
  • Option of built-in 500 GB, 1TB, or 2TB hard drive
  • Dimensions: D 3.5″ x H 5.8″ x W 3.5″
  • Operating Temperature: 32⁰ – 104⁰F

The SVR is a residential home security stream video recorder. It lets you permanently store video clips from your security camera so that they are accessible later. Connect up to eight cameras to record 24/7. An HDMI output allows you to locally view any recorded clips from the SVR by connecting it to a monitor or TV screen. A stream video recording is necessary for achieving a 24-hour continuous recording. The LED light lets you know the SVR status, such as connected, no internet, error, recording, etc.

The USB and HDMI connections allow you to view live and recorded video. The SVR connects to your network through an ethernet source. This device brings you a 24/7 gapless, professional video surveillance solution to your home security system. View this footage from this stream video recorder on-site or remotely on a web browser or your smartphone app.