Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Detector Features:

  • Monitors for the sound of breaking glass
  • Two test LEDs
  • Dual shatter recognition technology
  • 360˚ ceiling mount, 180˚ wall mount range
  • 15-foot range of detection
  • Transmits 345 MHz
  • Tamper protected
  • Code outputs: Alarm, Alarm Restore, Tamper, Tamper Restore, Supervisory, Low Battery
  • 2 CR 3V lithium batteries
  • Operating temperature between 32°‐120° F
  • 4.55″ D x 1.9″ H

This glass break detector provides intruder detection as an addition to your window and door sensors. It alerts you to broken glass sounds or vibrations even if your door or window is still closed. Put near large windows or sliding doors. It communicates with your control panel using a 15′ maximum detection range with a 360˚ maximum horizontal sensing angle. It is tamper-proof and alerts the control panel and monitoring system if there are attempts to disable it.

This battery-powered device keeps you informed at all times through your smartphone app. The suggested usage is to place it on the wall opposite or adjacent to the glass that you want to monitor. The LED lights on the glass break detector’s face give you a visual indicator of broken glass, power, and if it is in test mode.