2Gig GCE Panel


  • Easy installation, easy to use
  • Encrypted sensors for enhanced security
  • Supports LTE 4G and 3G radios
  • Compatible with Alarm.com
  • Clear audio with front speakers
  • Use two-way communication to receive emergency help
  • A new sleek, eye-pleasing design
  • Larger 5” touchscreen security panel
  • Set up zone areas in the home for smart home controls 
  • Z-wave compatible 
  • Proven performance and reliability

The Latest Touchscreen Security Panel Technology

The 2GIG GC2e Security and Home Automation Control Panel makes life easier for you. Fort Knox Home Security helps you secure your home and gain peace of mind. This touchscreen security panel supports Z-Wave and 2GIG security along with smart home devices. The control panel features a smooth design with a 5″ touch screen. The GC2e is the base for a complete system. In fact, this 2GIG panel works with any Z-Wave device to manage security sensors, lights, locks, and more. Use your smartphone to check if you locked the front door or turned up the A/C. In addition, you can even open and close the garage door remotely. Best of all, the GC2e works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Finally, two-way communication with the police or fire department and the monitoring service is also possible.