Wireless Window / Door Contact

Wireless Window / Door Contact Features:

  • Only 3/4″ wide, for narrow applications
  • Rare earth magnet
  • Supports internal and external contacts
  • Put to use in 2 zones of protection
  • Lithium battery
  • Sensor Dimensions: 2.59″L x 1.03″W x 0.49″D
  • Magnet Dimensions: 1.3″L x 0.435″W x 0.312″D
  • Maximum Magnet Spacing Gap: 0.4 Inches
  • Wireless Range: 350 Feet Nominal
  • Battery Type: Two (2) CR2032 Coin Batteries
  • Expected Battery Life: Five (5) Years

Encrypted Wireless Technology

This “minimal” wireless window / door contact is designed for aesthetics and is placed on the frame of a door or window of your choice. Its design is ideal for narrow surfaces. You can also use them on cabinets or drawers that you want to keep secure and receive alerts if someone accesses them. The signal of movement goes to your control panel. Perfect for adding to your smart home automation. Used together, they follow the rules you set. For example, have it programmed to turn on your lights when the front door opens. Or, save energy and money by making a rule to adjust the thermostat if a window or door is left open.

These wireless sensors are small and convenient to put any place that you need to keep track of its activity. Your control panel keeps you informed with text alerts or messages on your smartphone or PC.