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to bring sustainability to Kenya.

Our Mission:

After traveling to Kenya in January 2017, Dan and Sarah Stoltzfus knew this village was God’s assignment for them. In light of this, the Stoltzfus family has partnered with Fort Knox Security to transform this village for the glory of God. Life4Kenya is all about its name; Committing to infuse resources that will bring life and hope to places that need it the most. At it's core, the project is the transforming power in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Life4Kenya efforts presently resides in Barsemoi, Kenya; a remote village of almost 3,000 people. It is a place with no water and no help from anyone. People walk 30 kilometers round trip up & down a mountain to get clean water. They struggle with malaria and intestinal diseases. Work is limited, food is scarce, and life is hard. It is a harsh, arid, dry area. But thanks to the wonderful donations from the Stoltzfus family, this village now has a fresh water well which is bringing life back into Barsemoi villages. Targeting specific needs, we will continue to transform this desert place into a place of health, life, hope, and spiritual vitality. Watch the video above to see the power of giving in action.

There is still so much to be done, so help us make a difference in Kenya by donating to the cause.
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