Advantages of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

By |January 31st, 2020|

Advantages Of Cellular Monitoring In this day and age we all use apps to make our life a little easier, why not home security? Cellular security cameras are a type of surveillance system that can be implemented in homes and businesses. They’re unique from other types of surveillance because they do not require Internet. They are not wired—instead, they connect to a cellular network for data transfer. Because of their wireless connectivity, cellular cameras are an easily accessible way of keeping tabs on your home at all times. Learn how cellular video cameras can boost your home security. A more [...]

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Smart Thermostats For Texas Heat

By |January 30th, 2020|

Smart Thermostats Help Save Energy In Texas Heat Your home surveillance system helps keep you safe, and now you can even save money. What is a Smart Thermostat? A Smart Thermostat uses information about what’s going on inside and outside your home to make informed decisions (without being told or from wherever you are through a smartphone app) about the temperature in your home resulting in the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings. Smart Thermostats attach to both computer and activity monitor in the smart home monitoring network as well as cloud intelligence. Below are 3 ways Smart Thermostat's help you [...]

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