Top Smart Home Gadgets That Make Lives Easier

If we sit and actually think about it, there are a lot of things that annoy us every day. Many of these are at our very homes themselves. After a long day, the smoke detector might start beeping for the next battery change, or the thermostat is’nt set correctly, or the confusion of you locking the door or not after you just got comfortable in bed.

In reality, there is  a wide range of smart products and appliances simply waiting to make your lives easier. Appliances aside, when we talk about security measures, there are a lot of things that annoy us, while we eventually overlook them or just go with the flow. Today’s smart technology can really make a drastic difference in how people live their lives and how they choose their home security system.

We have listed a few smart home gadgets that assist in security as well as make your lives easier.

1. Video Doorbell

The most annoying frustrating thing about unexpected guests is that they always tend to arrive when you are in the middle of something important. What if you are occupied in the back or are doing the dishes, walking all the way to the door is just annoying. Getting a video doorbell can be a huge assistance to you. With just a single click or tap you can see and speak to who has arrived.

2. Smart Indoor Camera

When we often move into a new place not knowing everything about the place, there is always this fear of an unknown person entering the house. Just like the baby monitor, instead of listening, you can virtually see what is happening at your home with the help of smart indoor cameras.

If you happen to leave for a few days where you cannot access the internet of your camera, the camera compiles all the clips of the day’s events and stores them in cloud storage. Now, you can watch all the activities happening in and around your house when you are away. Many home security companies provide users with cloud storage and some do not, choose wisely when it comes to a smart camera.

3. Smart Doorlock

Has this ever happened to you, you are rushing out of your home in the morning, and after taking the first sip of caffeine you suddenly remember if you have locked your door or not. A smart lock can prevent this from happening. A smart door lock can be opened and closed from your mobile device. So, the next time you forget to lock the door, or would want to open it for a guest or relatives, simply tap on your phone screen and let that latch open. Smart door locks have recently faced a lash when it comes to hacking. Hacking through security systems can be a huge task, especially when you have a reputed name behind your product. Moreover, the home alarm system gets activated as soon as the locks are meddled with, informing you instantly via text or notification.

4. Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are a fun security feature. These are really versatile and are coming with smart features as well. Motion sensors can be literally kept anywhere in the and around the house to capture the slightest bit of movement. These are an important part of catching a burglar in the act

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