Keeping your kids safe with specialized home security features

Our priority has been to keep your family safe. With the features of our home security systems, you can feel confident that your child is safe at home.

Check out these 3 special features that benefit your child’s safety in our home security systems. Give them the freedom they want, but you need the peace of mind!

1. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbells

Our video doorbells are a great addition to any home security system as they are discreet, easy to install, affordable and have many useful security features. First of all, the video doorbell will always stream a live feed to the smartphone app you can install. It keeps records of recorded video and can be set to record whenever movement is detected.

This means, when your child walks in front of the doorbell and into the house, you can be notified; knowing the exact moment your child is home. The recording can show you if you’re with someone or if someone is stopping by the house.

Second, the video doorbell also allows you to use your mobile device to hear and talk to anyone at your door. If someone you don’t know rings the doorbell, you can talk to them and tell them to come in a better time without having to answer the door and still give off the look you’re home.

A video doorbell is an ideal addition to any home security system with video surveillance and remote capabilities, especially if your kids are always home alone.

2. Add Automation to Your Home Security System

Home Automation & Home Security

Another way to make your home and kids safe is to use home automation. There are many ways to use home automation, but lock control is the most beneficial when it comes to your kids being home alone.

You can use your smartphone to control your locks from anywhere if you upgrade your existing lock to a smart lock with keyless access. Curious if the doors behind them were locked by your child? Simply open and double check our app and lock them if you need to.

Also, when someone unlocks a door, you can set up notification alerts, receive a text or email sent immediately. That way, you always know what time they got home—and if they were home when they were supposed to be.

Home automation also includes garage control, which may be necessary to allow your child access through the garage to the house.

3. Life Safety

Last but not least, life security plays an enormous role in protecting your family. Fort Knox alarm monitoring safety provides fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring and water detection to alert you to critical seconds.

It can be extremely unpredictable for fire, gas leaks and floods. The last thing you want is that when your child is home alone, an emergency like this will happen. However, you and your child can feel safe with our 24/7 monitoring center always ready for an emergency.

Our UL Listed Monitoring Center will be alerted if fire, gas or water is detected and one of our professional dispatchers will contact 911 immediately. You will also be contacted, allowing you to contact your kids and get home as soon as possible.

Protect your kids when they leave home

Our home security systems come with all the features you need to protect your kids when they’re home alone. If you are curious to find out more about any of these features or other security features you may need, contact Fort Knox today for a free quote today.