The Best Smart Home Gifts for the Holidays

It is always so hard and can become stressful to find the perfect gift for all your friends and family during the holiday season. Eliminate this stress and consider a gift that is out of the box but guaranteed to make you the champion gift giver of this holiday season. Smart home gifts make the perfect presents and here’s why.

Home Security

Give the gift of peace and safety this year through a home security system.

Alarm System

The main part of a home security system and an amazing gift is an alarm system. With the installation of an alarm system, you or your loved ones can can keep your home and family safe. An alarm system can be activated and deactivated at your command. You can arm the system whether you are home or not to keep you and your belongings safe. The alarm will ring if any door is opened while it is armed until the correct personalized code is entered into the system. If it goes without being deactivated for an extended period of time, it will automatically call the police.

Fire Protection 

Another popular security gift is fire protection. You can keep those you care about safe with fire and smoke monitoring.


Although it may seem like an odd gift, a doorbell is one that will be appreciated. High tech doorbells such as the SkyBell are continuously gaining popularity, and for good reasons. This device is much more than just a doorbell. The SkyBell lets you have a two-way conversation with whoever is at your door. With the included camera, the homeowner can see who is at the door right from their smart phone.


Another high tech security feature available is home cameras. These cameras can be installed inside or outside a home to offer the highest level of home security. You can view the live footage from these cameras any time and anywhere from your smart phone.

Home Automation

There are several other exceptional gifts available under home automation. Home automation lets you control a multitude of home devices all from your smart phone. Anyone would love the ability to control their home and experience high tech living. Some devices you can control with home automation are:


How amazing would it be to be able to turn your home’s lights forget to do it before you leave, when you are running out the door, or when you are laying in bed ready to go to sleep? Believe it or not, this is fully possible. Give the gift of luxury and convenience this year.


If it can be plugged in, it can be controlled. Give your friends and family the gift of control. You can turn your appliances and devices on and off any time you want to all from your smart phone.


This one goes along with home security. Who would not want to be able to lock and unlock their doors with the push or a button and from anywhere in the world? This gift will reduce stress and worry. You wold no longer have to wonder if you locked your door or not before you left.


Along with the gift of a controllable thermostat comes comfort and savings. The power of control makes for a comfortable atmosphere, because you can decide the temperature and feel of your home. This device also saves money for the user. With the ability to deactivate the device, you can stop paying for it in your electricity bill when it is not being used.