Some renters are required to avoid putting holes in the walls, which can make installing a security camera system more challenging. Devices with damage-free installation and wireless technology help minimize the need for wall drilling and give the tenants remote access to their cameras. At Fort Knox Security, we provide and install outdoor and indoor security devices for home monitoring. Here are seven renter-friendly security system options:

1. Doorbell Cameras 

Wi-Fi doorbell cameras enable tenants to monitor anyone visiting the front door. This allows them to see who a visitor is before answering the door and may help deter package thieves or burglars. The camera’s two-way audio provides quick communication with those at a tenant’s doorstep, regardless of whether they’re home. Zoom and night vision capabilities make it easy to review any nearby incidents. Some doorbell cameras also have features like quiet mode, motion detection, and still photos.

2. Indoor Security Cameras

Installing indoor cameras is an effective way to check in on pets, children, babysitters, or an empty home. Footage from wireless indoor cameras can also be provided to insurance companies in case of an incident. Flexible, renter-friendly mounting options give tenants the choice of wall, ceiling, or freestanding cameras. Fort Knox Security offers indoor cameras with night vision and motion detection to meet tenants’ needs.

3. Outdoor Security Cameras

A battery-powered or Wi-Fi outdoor security camera system makes perimeter surveillance possible for renters. These cameras are durable and made to endure unpredictable weather conditions. An increasing number of models have audio capability, unlike some traditional outdoor cameras. Perimeter security cameras have a large visibility range and night vision, making identifying individuals, vehicles, or valuable items easier. Outdoor monitoring is an effective way for renters to observe suspicious activity, maintenance workers, pets, or unexpected guests.

4. Stream Video Recorders 

A stream video recorder, or SVR, is a home security option that lets renters store video clips from multiple security cameras. Fort Knox Security can connect up to eight cameras to record 24/7 on a stream video recorder. Tenants can download clips or view footage on a television using an HDMI or USB cord. Use a stream video recorder with a security camera system for gapless 24/7 monitoring throughout the home.

5. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights enhance rental security by deterring unwanted activity and increasing visibility when taking out the trash or unloading groceries at night. They can light a safe path for guests visiting in the evening or early morning hours. They may also help scare off intruding wildlife like coyotes or raccoons. Motion-triggered lights are an energy-saving security option, providing customizable settings for reduced operational hours.

6. Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are beneficial for rentals with multiple windows or glass doors. These devices set off an alarm when they detect the sounds or vibrations of breaking glass. Some sensors are installed directly on the glass, whereas others go on a nearby wall. Tenants can receive notifications on a smartphone app if anyone breaks the glass or attempts to disable the sensor.

7. Smart Locks 

Electronic keypads are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled devices that allow users to lock or unlock their doors remotely. They offer features beyond a typical deadbolt, such as remote access, fingerprint recognition, and auto-locking. Renter-friendly options fit over an existing deadbolt. Users can activate temporary codes for guests, house cleaners, or repair services.

Security Camera System Installation 

Apartments, townhouses, and single-family home rentals have different requirements when evaluating security system options. Renters can choose from a comprehensive motion and security camera system or a combination of individually selected products to monitor specific areas. At Fort Knox Security, we offer several devices that can work together or separately. Contact us today to learn more about how to monitor and safeguard your rental.