Most of us have become familiar with smart home devices. A smart device connects with other smart devices in the home through a network. Once connected together, they interact and function autonomously. Many of these devices integrate into our home security systems. This allows you to control both the smart and security devices through the central control panel or your smartphone app. So, beyond the uses for security, home monitoring, and convenience, what else do these devices do? Believe it or not, they have a use in your home entertainment purposes too. Let’s see how it works when you have your friends over.

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Arriving Guests

What happens when you are still busy in the kitchen, but then your guests start to arrive? Thanks to your smart home security system, your video doorbell alerts you. Then, using the nearby control panel or your smartphone, you are able to see who is at the door and speak with them. After confirming it is those whom you have invited, unlock your keyless door lock with your smartphone app. If it is getting dark, you have remote access on your smartphone or control panel to turn on the entry light for them. Invite them in and direct them to the kitchen where you are wrapping it up. As they start to arrive, you can instruct your voice assistant to start playing some soft music through the Bluetooth speakers you have placed around the house.

Some Gaming Before Dinner

Occupy your guests as you finish your dinner prep with some gaming you have set up for them. Smart TVs come in every size imaginable. They even allow you to view your home security cameras on them, including alerts where the cameras detect movement. However, at the moment, you have it connected to your gaming console, so your friends have an HD experience. Totally immerse them with your smart home surround sound speakers or Wi-Fi soundbar.

Along with your gaming, program your lighting with an app so that your LED lights change color, brighten, dim, or flash in sync with the action occurring on your TV screen. These LED smart bulbs are for more than just setting the mood. Your smart lighting works as an important part of home security systems also. An app controls this lighting so that you remotely program or switch off and on wherever you are. This lets you keep your home properly lit up while you’re away. Or, turn it off when no one is there so that you save energy.

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Dinner and More

At dinner time, you may ask your virtual voice assistant to help you out if your hands are full. Turn down the lights for a soft dinner atmosphere, along with the music. Ask that the TV and games shut down also. As dinner winds down, request that your voice assistant start the coffee pot brewing. This is possible with the use of smart plugs. Basically, any small appliance that you plug into it becomes a smart device. These smart plugs are a good addition to home security systems. With remote access, you are able to view the status of the device plugged in and turn it off if necessary, even if you aren’t home.

After dinner and coffee, your guests are ready to burn those calories off. Put on the music to dance to, and once again, your LED smart bulbs change to the color you prefer to match the mood and music. Smart bulbs have literally millions of different colors to change to, along with bright or dim choices.

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Smart Home Security Systems

Of course, securing our home to protect our family is our priority. However, it is enjoyable having the convenience of a smart home, especially when we share it with others and have fun doing it. There are endless possibilities when it comes to smart home security devices and home monitoring. Speak with one of our security experts and find out how to layer your home with these conveniences while letting them keep you safe at the same time. Don’t wait. Call today, and we will assist you in finding the perfect combination for you and your home.