Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe While On Summer Vacation

Going on summer vacation is always great, but it’s very important to secure your home while you’re away on summer vacation. Whether you’ll be gone for a few weeks or a few days, here are some helpful security tips for keeping your home secure and protected while you are away on summer vacation.

Light It Up!

You never want your home to look dark and abandoned for several nights in a row. Keep some lights on in specific rooms. What would be better is to have a smart home control system. This is where you can program lights to go on and off at set times. Keeping the same lights on constantly while you are gone can also give away that you are on vacation.

Mind Your Posts!

It’s very important to not post about your vacation on social media. If you post about your vacation on any social media platform, stalkers can find out that you’re not home and won’t be home for some time. As hard as it is, do your best to not post about your time away before and during your vacation; you can post pictures etc. when you get back.

Ten Hut!

Enlist your neighbors’ help in keeping an eye on your property and help keep it managed. If you get a daily newspaper, have a neighbor pick it up, along with your mail and any other deliveries. Hire someone to mow your lawn and take care of your pool, depending on how long you will be gone.

I See You!

Installing a live video monitoring system in your home is a great way to secure your home while you’re away on vacation. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep tabs of your home even when you’re away. If you notice anything suspicious, you’ll be able to get help immediately.