How to Manage Your Home Energy Usage with Your Security System

Your home security system isn’t just about keeping out the bad guys; it’s about keeping your home and family safe from as many dangers as possible. This is the reason automated home security systems are becoming more interconnected to a lot of parts of your house such as lighting, appliances, and power systems. Since home security systems can connect to your home’s energy usage, they’re also a great tool for managing your energy.

There are a couple of ways a home security system can double as a tool for keeping your family safe and for managing your energy consumption.

It can remotely send you alerts for typical energy usage: Different devices are left on throughout the day, such as refrigerators and air conditioning units. But some sockets should not be in use when no one is home. For example, if you see electrical usage stemming from your oven, or in a bathroom socket and you know someone in your home has a habit of leaving hair dryers or a curling iron plugged in, you can shut down the power to the devices automatically. This reduces the risk of fire and stops wasting electricity.
You can set up schedules for your home’s interior and exterior lighting: A great way to deter a criminal from breaking and entering your home is to make it look like your home is occupied. You can use an automated home security system to schedule changes in lighting to make it look like someone is working from home or moving around the house. This is also a good tool for reducing the amount of energy used when no one really is at home. You can turn off any lights that were left on, dim them for security purposes, and even know if someone’s using the lights when you think no one should be there.

Home security systems are an amazing way to investment for securing your home and family while also reducing excess energy usage. Learn more about Fort Knox Security Services and how an automated security system can be customized to your home and life here.