With the age of DIY in full swing, the trend is seen everywhere you look. It is on TV series, magazine articles, and promoted in home improvement retailers. However, just because it is a popular trend, it doesn’t mean that everyone is qualified to do it. This is especially important when it comes to DIY items such as home security systems. Is this something that a homeowner should take on? When it means the safety of your family and property, carefully consider the requirements to properly install a security system on your own. If you do decide to take on a project such as this, are there any drawbacks to a DIY home security system?

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A big limitation for a DIY home security system is not getting a package deal. Most home security companies offer customized packages loaded with the items you need and some smart home devices you may want. The devices that come together are compatible and work as a team. Taking on the task of ensuring this on your own is time-consuming as far as research and shopping go. Putting together a system piece by piece gets expensive too. 

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Incorrect Installation

Yes, there is surely a YouTube video on how to install your home security system on your own. However, there are always variances between what they show and what you are trying to do. It only takes one improperly installed device to ruin the sync and flow of your security system. When it comes to protecting your family, it’s not a good time to take chances. There is more depending on proper installation than just getting power to a product. Unless you have experience in this area, it could be a risky task. 

Limited Technical Support

When you take on a DIY home security project, that is what you are going to get. You are pretty much on your own. There is not a company to call and report a device not working properly or to talk you through a programming issue for adding a smart home device. New devices and software are other items that need to stay up to date in order to be effective. If there is a repair that becomes necessary, you more than likely will have to cover it. When you purchase your equipment, be sure to check the fine print as far as what a warranty covers. 

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DIY Monitoring

If you choose a DIY home security installation, then you probably plan to monitor the system yourself as well. This means that you have to be on alert 24/7 to any alarms that go off at your home. When you get the alert you need to follow up on the activity to see if a first responder is required. Also, there should be a backup plan for the times that you are not available to answer your smartphone alert or are out of range of the cellular signal. At times, it is possible to get an outside monitoring company that covers a DIY home security system for a monthly fee. 

Are the Limitations Worth the Risks?

This is a question that is only answered by an individual themselves. There are circumstances where this type of system is the best choice. However, it would be good to talk it over with security experts first. At Fort Knox Home Security, we suggest that you sit with us to go over your specific needs, your budget, and what kind of plan you have in mind. Then, our team will show you your best options for you to make a decision with. Having a caring staff looking out for your best interests is what you really need when it comes to protecting your home. Call us today and let us get you set up with exactly what you are looking for!

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