Many don’t realize it, but there is a big difference between residential and business security systems. It involves more than a loud alarm to keep the bad guys out. In addition to protecting the property from intruders, a business also has the responsibility to protect inventory, employees, and customers. To do this requires extra precautions to be put in place. Many businesses are started with life savings or others investing, so it is important to keep it safe. A business can’t afford to take chances on losing its assets or customers. 

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Overall Security 

Business security starts with the basics of any security system. You have the door and window sensors, indoor and outdoor motion detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, a control panel, and 24/7 monitoring. Then, due to its specific needs, you might be expanding the abilities of the security devices. Your cameras might be CCTV with facial recognition, or your entryways have access control features with a key card or PIN codes. It is important to have in mind the areas of the business that need security coverage. You need to consider the size of your company and the type of business that you have. Here are a couple of items you will need, but depending on how you want to use them will determine how many and what kind.


  • Surveillance cameras have many uses beyond watching who comes in the door. Today’s security cameras and those who monitor them in-house are responsible for looking for unusual or suspicious activity. The CCTV cameras are capable of picking out a person and following them through the store to detect any possible theft or other strange behavior. This monitoring prevents theft, inventory loss, and any possible liability issues. In addition, new AI camera features now track the customer flow in the store. Patterns begin to emerge of when your peak hours and sales are. This data allows you to make adjustments to your employee staff hours, energy usage, and inventory needs.

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Access Control

  • Having an access control system at your place of business is a safety feature, as well as security. When you have several employees and customers flowing through a property, it is good to know what areas are being accessed and by whom. Your employees are more accountable for what they are doing when their access card records when they come through a door to report for work or what time they leave. Access control is especially critical when your business contains sensitive information or hazardous materials that you need to keep safe. It is an extra layer of security when you back up your key card entry with camera verification. Cameras ensure that the properly authorized person is using the card. Motion detectors are also a good device to have in these areas. 

Cover All the Bases

When choosing the best security system for your business, it is wise to consult security professionals. Security is not an area that you want to take a chance with or cut corners. Keeping your property safe, your inventory safe, along with your employees and customers means the life of the business. Give us a call at Fort Knox Security Services to see how to best cover your business completely with protection. We offer the best equipment for video surveillance, access control, and even HVAC monitoring. Stay in touch with your business after hours or when you are away with remote management features on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Minimize liabilities and maximize your efficiency with our business security plans. Call today, and we will have you up and running in no time!

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