With all the time you spend in your house lately, repairs and upgrades start to pop into your mind. Maybe a home security system is one of these things. Once you have a security system in place, there is one more decision. Should you have an outside company perform the alarm monitoring? Or do you want to do it yourself? Is it really something you need?

DIY Alarm Monitoring

More often than not, when a homeowner chooses not to have their home security systems monitored, it involves their budget. It is understandable during this rough year to save your money. However, it is also important to protect your family to the best of your ability. Consider what is involved with an unmonitored security system. The positive aspect of this choice is that it saves you a monthly monitoring fee or contract. But, beyond that, it comes with plenty of negative items.

alarm monitoring

Remember, without alarm monitoring, no one is watching your house while you are away from it. Although you receive alerts for activity on your property, without monitoring, it is up to you to view the video footage and call the police if necessary. Plus, that is if you are even available to receive the alert. When you are out of range of cellphone service or unavailable, the alert goes unseen. Unchecked alerts at your home could be disastrous. For example, your fire alarm triggers an alert to your phone, but you are in a meeting, and your phone is at your desk. How much time goes by before a neighbor sees smoke and calls 911? The damage that occurs in that amount of time becomes extensive. Yes, even DIY monitoring is better than nothing, but will it be enough when it really matters?

Fort Knox Alarm Monitoring

Self-monitoring becomes a lot of stress and responsibility. On the other hand, leaving the monitoring to Fort Knox relieves you of this. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring has an 18-second average response time. Let’s reuse the example above, but this time with an alarm monitoring service. Again, a fire alert gets sent by your home security system. It sends an alert to your smartphone, but you are in a meeting and do not see it. However, it also goes to the monitoring center. The alert is recognized, and first responders are sent immediately to your home. This scenario now has a much better outcome. Prompt action minimizes the damage before you realize what has happened at home.

Having round-the-clock eyes watching out for your property gives peace of mind. Your alarm monitoring company does the work for you. Their assistance extends to unusual activity detected, fire or carbon monoxide, flooding, and more. Never worry again about what is going on at home. Whether you are gone on vacation for the week or just at work for the day, we watch over your property closely.

Good Choices

At Fort Knox Security Services, we want you protected at all times. Monitoring is the safest choice. It brings the top potential out in your home security system. Give us a call to find out how we can work with your budget and home needs. We also activate existing systems if necessary. Most times, it needs a minor upgrade, such as a new control panel. Don’t forget to add in a few smart home options too. Safety now means convenience in your home also. We are here to put your safety as our priority. Find out more today!

Home & Business Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

Home & Business Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring