Technology for home security alarm systems continues to evolve rapidly. As a result, the connections they use are having to change along with them. Presently, there are three main ways that your alarm system monitoring connects, and that is a landline, Broadband/Wi-Fi, or cellular. Using landlines for security is a mode that is quickly disappearing. Mainly, this is due to the fact of cellphones taking the lead in homes and replacing the landline. So, today we will focus on cellular monitoring vs. Wi-Fi Alarm Systems. 

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Wi-Fi Connection

Many home security systems utilize the Broadband/Wi-Fi connection in the home. This connection is much faster than a landline. However, even a broadband connection has the potential of getting its wires cut or the power going down. Some alarm systems may have battery backup, but that power is limited to a couple of hours. Wi-Fi is beneficial when it comes to its connection to all your wireless devices in the home, including your smart home options. However, a reliable Wi-Fi connection depends on the strength of the internet connection and the size of your home. When it comes to your home security system, some use Wi-Fi for the standard connection, and it switches over to cellular if there is a power outage. 

Cellular Connection

Using the cellular option for your home security system is the most reliable choice. Your alarm company will install a cellular module in your security control panel. When an alarm is triggered, your alarm system will send a signal alert to your monitoring company. This would be a similar cellular signal as if you were to send a text message on your phone to someone. It is also the safest connection since cellular monitoring uses encryption to keep your signal protected. The best part is that even during a power outage, your signal to your monitoring company stays intact with a battery backup. Cellular service reaches even remote areas that may have a poor internet connection. The one downside is remembering to keep the batteries fresh. 

Wireless Security

Wireless Security

Why Cellular Monitoring

Although Wi-Fi is convenient to have with the home’s internet already in place, it has its weaknesses. If an intruder disables your internet that you rely on for any alarm systems, then it will not do you any good. Fort Knox Security Services offers 4G LTE monitoring. We want to make sure you get the fastest response to your alarm that is possible. Plus, you should never need to worry about whether an alarm alert reaches the emergency operator at your monitoring company or not.

A cellular signal is far less likely to be tampered with or be affected by bad weather. In conclusion, cellular monitoring is the most reliable when it comes to keeping the alarm systems in touch with the monitoring company. If it concerns keeping your family safe and your property protected, Fort Knox takes these concerns seriously. Give us a call to go over what you need, and we will come up with the best plan for you. Don’t wait, call and find out more now!