Most houses today have some form of home security that varies from simple to complex. Home security systems and their pricing have become more affordable even as advances continue to come out. Home security companies carry a variety of packages that have the ability to be customized to suit your home’s needs. However, some people are on a strict budget, especially after the long 2020 year. This doesn’t mean that you cannot secure your home to the best of your ability. Redfin wrote an article that assists homeowners with different ideas to secure their homes with limited resources. Even then, there are simple security devices that go a long way in watching over your house. One of these simple but extremely effective security items is the touchless video doorbell. 

Always at Home

The main purpose of any doorbell is to let you know when someone is at your door. However, unlike a normal doorbell, this touchless video doorbell detects the person approaching the camera and alerts you. When they get to the door and stand in front of it, their presence triggers the doorbell to chime. Since you already know someone is coming, you have a moment to prepare. Now, as the chime rings, you have the option of answering it or not. The best part of this is that you may not even be at the house. But, the visitor doesn’t know that. Your video doorbell allows you to carry on a two-way conversation from anywhere as if you were inside the house. 

iPhone Video Security Outdoor

Watch Out for Porch Pirates

The next important task that a video doorbell takes on is to watch out for the porch pirates. This has become a full-time job for some thieves. Fortunately, when they see a video doorbell as they cruise the neighborhood, it serves as a discouragement. If for, some reason, they still approach, you will receive an alert that someone is on your property. Some homeowners have taken the opportunity to use their two-way conversation feature and demand the thieves drop the package and leave. No matter what the outcome, their picture is taken and uploaded for a record to pass to the authorities. If you are able, stay a step ahead of them. When you see the package delivered, see if that trusty neighbor can pick it up for you and move it to a safer place. 

Integrate with Smart Home

We covered the necessary duties of safety and security, now let’s see what kind of convenience your video doorbell can bring you. There are a variety of apps available to download that bring all your smart home devices into a preprogrammed schedule or routine. For example, integrate your touchless video doorbell with your front porch lights. Then, in the evening, if someone approaches the door, the lights come on. You might add the yard lights to that queue for unexpected prowlers. Or, when you see a delivery man approaching, you have to ability to unlock your front door with an app, speak to him through your video doorbell and ask for the package to be left just inside the door. Smart home features bring a whole new area for your video doorbell to perform in. 

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Simple but Valuable Device

So, to summarize, our touchless video doorbell may not look intimidating, but it is capable of great things. This doorbell is the first security device at your home that outsiders come in contact with. It can monitor the yard and the doorstep. It can ring a chime to alert you at home or notify you on your smartphone of any activity near the front door. You can also silence it for Do Not Disturb naptimes. Here at Fort Knox Home Security, we guide you through the usage of all our security devices. Some video doorbell shortcuts you may discover on your own as you add on your smart home devices. The possibilities are endless with just one simple doorbell. Imagine what you can do with a full home security package. Give us a call and find out more!