As technology rolls along, we hear rumors of landlines eventually phasing out. Some homeowners continue to use landlines for certain devices in the home, including their home security system. Other homes no longer use them since most individuals own a cellphone. For this reason, many home security companies are trending toward wireless security devices. What if you depend on your landline for the home’s security system? Are things going to change any time soon? Let’s look at some further information.

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Why Do Some Use a Landline?

If you have an older security system, more than likely, it is connected to a landline. Landlines are known for their stable connection. They are not prone to the interference that Wi-Fi may experience. You also do not need to worry about outsiders hacking into your system. With regular maintenance, a home security system could last up to 20 years. However, older models have a limit as to how far you can upgrade them. So, although your older system appears to be working well, eventually it will age out. When this happens, it will be time to re-examine what you want to upgrade to. 

At times, you find yourself in this situation when you move into an older home with an existing landline home security system. In this situation, it is best to call out a professional to evaluate the soundness of the system and see what is needed to activate it. In the majority of cases, activation is as simple as a new keypad. However, this will still not solve the problem of updating software or making it compatible with wireless smart home devices. 

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What Should You Do?

If you presently have a landline and your home security system is working well, it would be a good time to think about its future. Never wait until things stop working to begin planning. There is no way around the fact that there is going to be a jump in switching your home security system eventually. Start browsing through the differences between landlines, Wi-Fi, and cellular service when it comes to your home security system. Also, take into account if you want to integrate smart home devices. By preparing ahead of time, you keep up with the latest devices and technology offered. 

Security companies are aware of these changes in telephone and cable services. Most of them do their best to offer plans that work with what you have in the home. However, they do encourage you to be aware of where the future of your home security system is heading. Cellular service is being encouraged due to its reliability. Landlines have the potential to be cut and Wi-Fi connections may drop the signal. In contrast, cellular service depends on the same service you use with your cellphone. No matter if there is a power or internet outage, cellular service stays connected.

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The Future of Your Home Security System

Many businesses still rely on landlines for their sales applications and faxing, not to mention, their fire alarms, elevators, and other emergency systems. So, it is safe to say that phasing out of landlines will be a slow, although inevitable, process. In fact, your security system is going to need an upgrade before then. Call us a Fort Knox Home Security and let us know what kind of system you have in the home at the moment. Also, we will listen carefully to what your goals are in for the future as far as your home security devices go. 

We carry the latest home security technology in our devices, along with smart home accessories. You will customize your home security and smart home devices to give provide seamless coverage for your family and property. Start planning today! 

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