We hear a lot of news about the benefits of home monitoring alarm systems. We watch videos of how they prevent crimes or help catch the bad guy. However, is there a downside to having home security systems? Are there things we should look out for if we have one? Let’ focus on a few issues that may pop up and see what to do to prevent or fix them. 

Incompatible Equipment

When putting home monitoring systems together, look for equipment that works with each other. Don’t just grab a device here or there, while looking for who is having a sale. It is a wise choice to buy it all from one place. If not, know what you already have and ask if the new piece is going to be compatible. 

Not Enough Coverage

Not enough coverage doesn’t just mean not enough cameras. When planning your home security system, look for cameras with a wide-angle view. Most devices have this with today’s technology, but be sure. Go through and verify that there are not any gaps in your views. Also, every entry point, whether window or door, needs an alarm contact. This is an area that requires professional help to get the best results. 


No Monitoring

A big mistake is choosing to do your own home alarm monitoring. Yes, you get alerts when your alarm is triggered at the house. But, what if you are not available to answer it or if your phone is off? In addition, even if you do see the alert, now you need to decide if it is an emergency or not. Next, comes the choice of who do you call? In the end, by the time our choices have been made, too much time has passed. The results could be disastrous. With an outside company to watch over your family and property 24/7, all you get is peace of mind. 

Not Securing Your Security

As technology evolves and improves, so do the hackers. It is important to set up your unique password as soon as you get your system set up. Don’t reuse passwords or let the factory one remain. Passwords can be easily guessed if you use names or info found on the internet on your different profiles.  


To sum it up, have a thorough home security inspection before you start shopping. An inspection makes you aware of the home’s weak areas. Plus, you will have a good idea of what you really need. Don’t always settle for the package deal. Doing this could lead to those coverage gaps while you’re saving money. Having home security monitoring only increases its effectiveness and gives you the 24/7 coverage you need. Finally, keep your passwords unique and change them out once in a while. At Fort Knox Home Security, we value these suggestions for keeping you protected. Let us help you assess your home and give suggestions on how to secure it to the best of your ability. Call us today to find out more!

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