Security systems protect against intruders, burglaries, and other threats. The Fort Knox Security packages include advanced access control systems and modern security solutions for residential and commercial properties. Taking advantage of security system installation allows you to access various convenient features, including:

1. Video Surveillance

One of the main features of a home or business security system is video surveillance. We utilize four different types of cameras, including indoor and outdoor wireless night vision cameras, touchless doorbell video cameras, and stream video recorders. Video surveillance offers real-time monitoring and recording capabilities to deter intruders and provide valuable evidence in the event of a security breach. The stream video recorder allows you to achieve a 24-hour recording and also gives you the option to store video clips from your cameras so you can access them later. Each camera comes with full HD video, no battery, 24/7 video monitoring capabilities, and cloud storage. Integrating your cameras with our mobile capabilities allows you to access live video feeds remotely and receive instant alerts on your smartphone.

2. Facial Recognition

The cameras in our security systems have built-in facial recognition. When the cameras recognize your face, they can disarm the system and activate personalized home control features. This offers secure and convenient access management without the need for traditional keys or codes. Instead of sending images or other private data to the cloud, our system processes and authenticates faces privately. This offers additional data privacy and protects your information. Facial recognition also prevents false alarms and improves the accuracy of your system.

3. Glass Break Sensors

Our security systems also include door and window sensors. You place these on your doors and windows so they can detect if someone is attempting to open them. Add additional glass break sensors to place near other large windows and sliding doors. These sensors will alert you to broken glass sounds or vibrations. These features can detect a break-in even if your door or window has not been opened. 

4. Geofencing

Geofencing is a location-based technology that creates virtual boundaries around a physical location. This technology allows you to trigger actions or receive notifications when a device enters or exits the defined area. You can automate certain tasks to be completed when you are within a certain distance of your home. You can configure it to complete tasks such as unlocking your front door when you are pulling into your driveway. Geofencing also enhances security by alerting you if there is unauthorized access or movement within its boundaries.

5. Smash-and-Crash Technology

Alarm systems that utilize smash-and-crash technology make it so that an intruder cannot bypass the alarm system by breaking the keypad into pieces. If our alarm system detects smashing, it will still send an alarm and alert the appropriate authorities. This technology allows you to receive help when you need it, even if your keypad is destroyed.

6. Mobile System Control

Our system comes with a remote service provider app that allows you to easily control your system remotely. This allows you to monitor and manage your security devices and settings from your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to arm or disarm security alarms, view live video feeds, receive live alerts, and adjust settings. These controls facilitate a faster response to potential threats and help protect your property, even when you are away from home.

7. Dual Path Capabilities

Dual path capabilities allow your security system to communicate with the network using both cellular LTE and Wi-Fi. This allows your system to keep communicating even when one of the services is unavailable. Dual path capabilities provide continuous monitoring and rapid response to security events, reduce the risk of communication failures, and offer uninterrupted connectivity for alerts and notifications. 

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Investing in a home or business security system helps protect your property, assets, and loved ones. At Fort Knox Security, we offer security system packages that implement features such as alarm monitoring, motion detection, and smart home controls. We will create a security system that meets your specific needs so you can protect your home or business. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and same-day security system installation and activation.